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All the best, The Editorial Team We will keep adding business units that enhance our offering and separate us from our competition. “ ” Editor From The Dear Reader, Welcome to the latest issue of Construction Source Canada, the magazine that highlights the best in building and building products across the country. In this edition, we’ve taken a look at some of the biggest names in construction and development across the country. Trinity Group is a prime example – they are one of the leaders in mixed-use developments across Canada, with a particularly well-established reputation in in Toronto and Ottawa. Since forming in 1992, they have developed and sold over 20million square feet in properties, and they have 11million square feet in the pipeline.We spoke toPresident & CEO Fred Waks about Trinity’s massive footprint to date, their shift from shopping centres to mixed-use buildings, and why their projects work so well for end-users. We also talked about the company’s emphasis on philanthropy and corporate citizenship, which is driven from the top and informs every decision they make. SDA Angus, meanwhile, is an important name in the Quebec development sector. They are a not-for-profit social-economy business that was created to drive urban revitalization and bring new life into several Montreal boroughs. We talked to two of their leaders about the organization’s history, mission, and the transformative impact they have had on the Technopôle Angus – what was once an abandoned industrial park is now a thriving eco-district and sought-after destination for businesses, residents, and workers alike. And that’s not all. This edition also includes profiles on Vancouver home builder Nestworks Construction, Surreybased real estate marketers Skye Marketing, and Toronto architects ZO1. For those stories, and more like them, just keep reading.

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Redefining the sector Trinity Development Group is a leader in mixed-use developments across Canada. Since forming in 1992, they have developed and sold over 20 million square feet in properties, with 11 million square feet in the pipeline. From the start, their guiding principle has been innovation – at every stage, they have “rejected the expected” and applied innovative and unique approaches to design, construction, and property management. As a result they have consistently created projects that others strive to emulate.


Today, Trinity is active in three distinct segments of real-estate development: urban mixed-use centres; community centres; and large format centres. In each segment, theirmission is to create spaces that allow tenants to thrive and communities to prosper. “Our goal is to be the leading developer of retail space in the country,” says Fred Waks, President & CEO. “We want to create developments that define communities and redefine the sector as a whole.” Fred joined Trinity Development Group in early 2015, bringing with him a wealth of industry experience and a nationallyrecognized reputation in the sector. He is a third-generation developer, and has held senior positions at a number of renowned real estate and development companies. Most recently, he held the position of President and Chief Operating Officer at RioCan, which grew from $100 million to $15 billion in assets during his tenure. Fred joined Trinity at the invitation of company founder and Executive Chairman John Ruddy. The two had known each other for 20 years at that point, and when Fred decided to move on from RioCan, John was the first person he called. “John and I are very dear friends,” Fred explains. “We have complementary expertise, work styles, and values. We’re simpatico.” THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE CANADA “Our goal is to be the leading developer of retail space in the country,” says Fred Waks, President & CEO. “We want to create developments that define communities and redefine the sector as a whole.”

SEPTEMBER 2021 For example, both Fred and John place a significant emphasis on community and corporate citizenship. Fred has long been involved in a number of local charities in Toronto, while John has done the same in Ottawa. Together, under the banner of Trinity Group, they have given heavily to organizations that support youth education and sport, healthcare, care for seniors, community programming, and the arts. They are major donors to groups including: St. Patrick’s Home, the Royal Ottawa Hospital, the University of Ottawa Heart Institute, the Ottawa Hospital, the National Capital Regional YMCA, and Bruyère Continuing Care. “We’re both communityminded,” Fred says. “We believe that creating a legacy of positive change goes far beyond the bricks and mortar that encompass our developments.” At the same time, they believe the bricks and mortar are important too – and that belief is reflected in the company’s robust portfolio and pipeline. Currently, Trinity owns 10 new format shopping centres, 14 mixed-use centres, and four grocery-anchored shopping centres. As previously mentioned, they have 11million square feet of properties in ongoing development. Much of that property is located in Ottawa – where Trinity commenced and where John is based – but the company is also active in Calgary and the Greater Toronto Area. In all locations, they aim to take on on large-scale projects in important corridors. Historically, Trinity Group has been one of the most prominent developers and owners of shopping centres. Their current focus, however, is primarily mixed-use buildings. “We want to be where the growth is, and that’s where the growth has been,” Fred explains. To date, Trinity’s mixed-use projects have been highly successful. Fred credits that success to how well the projects work for the end-users –

industrial and office complexes; high profile residential condominiums; hotel and retail projects; With years of experience navigating the real estate market in both upswings and downturns, clients trust us to help them establish forward-looking strategies with their development and re-development projects in both urban and suburban areas, including: For more information about how Fogler, Rubinoff LLP can help with your next project visit Our Real Estate Lawyers Help Clients Change The Skyline shopping centres; and residential subdivisions. THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE CANADA including the residential tenants and the retail operators. The buildings work so well, Fred explains, because Trinity meets with retail operators very early on in the process to ensure that the design will meet their needs. They incorporate their input to ensure the projects offer sufficient parking, that there are the right amount of entry-points, that there is space to accept deliveries, et cetera. Trinity similarly ensures that the needs of the residential tenants are accounted for. The same goes for municipal authorities – Trinity ensures their developments meet the needs of the community, and that they include the appropriate and mandated mix of suites and affordable units. They recognize that affordability is a priority for governments like Toronto’s, and they respect that priority. Trinity can ensure their buildings meet all those requirements because they have a full design team inhouse. That team ensures that every box is ticked, and that the needs of every stakeholder are accounted for. “That’s something that differentiates us,” Fred says. “Very few developers have that capability in-house.” Another point of difference – and perhaps the company’s main point of difference – is Trinity’s commitment to


integrity. According to Fred, they truly value their relationships with all their stakeholders, and they make all decisions with their reputation in mind. “The reason people keep on coming to us, whether they’re investors or tenants or partners, is because of our integrity,” Fred says. “We deliver on our commitments and we value our reputation in the industry. We pride ourselves on our strong work ethic and commitment to excellence.” THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE CANADA

Over their many years in business, Trinity Group has formed some extremely close relationships with their roster of consultants, contractors, and suppliers. They have a dedicated constructionmanagement team that oversees all their building works, but they do not sot selfperform, so they rely heavily on the expertise and experience of their partners. When looking for building partners, Trinity looks firstly at their track record and reputation. They also look for builders with local expertise. They consider that local specificity extremely important. “There are certain builders that know a lot about certain markets,” Fred says, “and on any given project, a contractor is only as good as their local management. We look for the builder who has the best team Best-in-class Every project is an opportunity to design Bold + Human solutions AT B+H WE BELIEVE IN THE POWER OF DESIGN TO TRANSFORM SPACES, COMMUNITIES, AND ECONOMIES. AMERICAS | ASIA | MIDDLE EAST Illustration is artist’s impression BH_TheContructionSourceAd_FINAL_Sept23.indd 1 2021-09-23 1:20 PM SEPTEMBER 2021

in place locally.” “We do the same things with our architects and engineers,” he adds. “We use several architectural firms and we use several engineering firms. When we’re choosing one for a project, we look at who the project manager is going to be and we look at their experience locally. Our decision is going to be based on that.” Trinity also looks for good reputations in their real estate and property management partners. Over the years, they have also identified companies with those values and have formed some longstanding relationships with them. One trusted partner, for example, is Morley Hoppner Group. They are a dynamic Ottawa-based real estate development firm that focuses onopportunities that enrichand enhance city neighborhoods. They have the ability to develop partnerships and guide large design and construction teams to successful project completions, and they have been involved in a number of pioneering projects across Canada. Another frequent partner is Hazelview Properties. They are a Toronto-based company that manages apartment buildings across North America. By working with “best-in-class” operators like them, Fred says that Trinity Group ensures the best possible experiences for their residential tenants. “People are looking for bestTHE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE CANADA

SEPTEMBER 2021 in-class,” Fred says, “and that’s who we’ve teamed up with. We’ve teamed up with the best real estate and property management professionals on the market.” “We know what we’re experts in,” he adds. “When we’re not experts, we bring in the experts to be our partners.” Moving forward, thatwill remain Trinity Group’s approach – they want to continue working with best-in-class partners and, with their help, continue providing the best possible buildings and the best possible service to end-users. “We want to provide urban envelopes where tenants have the space they need to succeed,” Fred concludes. “And we want to match those envelopes with the right operators to make sure we’re providing the best experience.” Trinity Group will also continue evolving when necessary. Right now, they see themselves as providing the most value to the market with mixed-use spaces, but it used to be that their specialty was big box stores. If the needs of themarket change, Trinity has already proven that they can adapt to meet them. Fred says that adaptability will remain core to the group.

THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE CANADA For more on Trinity Group, their properties, their team, and their emphasis on community, visit

Revitalizing a neighborhood


The Société de développement Angus (SDA Angus) is a socialeconomy business working to drive urban revitalization and bring new life into several Montreal boroughs. They design and build estate projects using sustainable-development principles, which drive urban renewal and generate economic benefits for the local community. Their team includes experts in every aspect of development, and they guide their projects through every step of the process, from design to implementation. With every new venture, their goal is to maintain environmental integrity, ensure social equity, and target economic efficiency. One of the districts the SDA is revitalizing is the Technopôle Angus – a bustling, ecofriendly neighborhood located in the Rosemont–La PetitePatrie borough in the heart of Montreal. Today, the Technopôle is thriving, and is a welcoming location for businesses, workers, and residents alike. Only a couple decades ago, however, it was an abandoned industrial park that had been left behind following the 1992 closure of several local factories and the loss of several thousand jobs. That’s when stakeholders in the community mobilized to launch the SDA, which was formed with the mission of sustainable re-developing the area while accounting for its THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE CANADA “One of the districts the SDA is revitalizing is the Technopôle Angus – a bustling, eco-friendly neighborhood located in the Rosemont–La PetitePatrie borough in the heart of Montreal.”

SEPTEMBER 2021 every need. To achieve their founding mission, the SDA embarked on a number of initiatives, and formed and executed a multistage sustainable development plan. As part of that long term plan, the organization: decontaminated the area; built eco-friendly buildings; supported the creation of quality jobs; promoted job reintegration for the most vulnerable in society; followed social-economy principles; and promoted access to property and housing at a fair price. Roughly 20 years in, the Technopôle now represents a healthy, dynamic and integrated living environment. It includes social-reintegration organizations that help get hundredsofpeopleback towork every year. There is simplified access to property and housing. There’s the first LEED_ND certified eco-district in Quebec, which has received numerous awards, and which is located across from Jean-Duceppe Park. There are also several health care service points, active public transportation, and a social-utility trust created to project the site from real estate speculation. “It’s a real urban-renewal success story,” says Marilou Hudon-Huot, Vice-President of Commercial Leasing and Residential Development. Marilou has been with SDA Angus for roughly eight years. She was drawn to SDA because they “put the needs of the community over profit.” “It’s really interesting to be part of an organization like that,” she says, “and it’s really interesting be part of the redevelopment of Montreal. There are so many sites here that are in strategic locations that can be redeveloped. We redevelop them not to make the most profit, but to make the best project that will most benefit the community that’s already in place. That’s great to be a part of.” David Goulet-Jobin, meanwhile, is SDA’s Building Project

THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE CANADA Manager. He’s in charge of new construction and renovations to Technopôle buildings. Prior to joining the organization, he worked for a general contractor and SDA was a client. Roughly four-and-a-half years ago, he was looking for a change, and SDA reached out to him. Like Marilou, he admired the organization for the impact they made on the city, and was excited to be personally lived. On top of that, he lived only 10 minutes away from the Technopôle. “It was the perfect match,” he says. When Marilou first started with SDA, they were building the secondphaseof the Technopôle Angus. They already had roughly 50 per cent of the land developed. At the time, that meant roughly 700,000 square feet of mostly office space – which they had developed with the aim of creating new jobs at a site where thousands had lost jobs in 1992. “The aim of Angus first was to redevelop employment in the neighborhood,” Marilou recalls. “But thenthesectorevolved.Our competitors were not industrial land parks anymore. They were mostly neighborhoods. It was interesting to review what we were doing and reflect onwhere we wanted the redevelopment to go.” As part of that reflection, they worked with Proven Cherroy – a renowned local architecture firm – to develop


the Sustainable Master Plan for Technopôle Angus Phase 2. That plan encompassed roughly 450,000 square feet. It still focused on job creation, but it balanced that focus with other social, economic, and ecological objectives, including the addition of new ecologicallyconscious housing. “We started by mostly developing offices,” Marilou recalls. “Now we’re developing neighborhoods.” The Phase 2 Master Plan was presented in 2015, it was well received, and construction commenced in 2018. SDA started with their first residential project, called Cité Angus. Cité Angus is a residential project within the Technopôle Angus. Marilou describes it as the “the ultimate vector of the SDA’s values and vision.” It comprises 207 condo units designed to meet the needs and wants of families who wanted to stay and raise their children in Montreal. It is being delivered in two phases. Phase 1 is already built and sold out, with every unit occupied. Phase 2 is under construction now, with only four or five units left on the market. Phase 1 of Cité Angus was set apart by its affordability – over 70 per cent of the units had a price tag that met the affordability criteria of the City of Montreal’s Home Ownership Support Program, allowing owners to access a local $10,000 per unit subsidy. At the same time, the units were spacious THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE CANADA

– the vast majority encompass over 1,000 square feet, and include three closed bedrooms, two full bathrooms, and plenty of storage space. The building also includes a large common room, a bright courtyard, and a space for bicycle parking. Cité Angus II, meanwhile, is set apart by its bold new green architectural concept. The design was inspired by the tree – “the ultimate icon of nature,” Marilou says. The building has a monumental spiral staircase that allows residents to access their condos directly from the lush courtyard. All units offer exceptional natural lighting, thanks to open areas, nine-foot ceilings, and abundant windows on two or three sides. There is also a green rooftop terrace with a spectacular view of the city and of nature. Once again, the units are also large and accommodating to families. According to Marilou, the feedback from residents on both phases has been very positive. She says that residents of Phase 1 are happy with their homes and they recognize how much of a luxury it is to live in “an ecologically-conscious development with such a great mix of stores and services around.” Phase 2 is still under construction, but Marilou expects the reception tobe even better, thanks to the lessons they learned on Phase 1. Also, she says, the new building was designed to provide residents with what they’re looking for in a post-COVID world – meaning outdoor private space. Ad agency LG2’s headquarters at the Technopôle Angus in Montréal SEPTEMBER 2021

“Just the balconies are between 200 and 650 square feet per unit,” she says. “We really gave people that outside room side that we all wanted to have when we were stuck at home. The design was really well received by the public, and the sales show that. After just 10 months, we’re 95 per cent sold out.” Marilou further credits that commercial success of both Phase 1 and 2 to the appeal of the neighborhood. In particular, she says that buyers particularly responded to the sustainable design elements – for instance, over 20 per cent of the people who bought parking in Phase 1 also bought electrical charging stations. Marilou also re-credits the affordable price points, as well as the spaciousness of the units. “There aren’t a lot of projects in Montreal that I know of that mostly offer units over 1,000 square feet,” she says. “And we have a lot of two-storey units, so they feel more like little homes than traditional condominiums. I think that was really appreciated by buyers.” The quality of the buildings has also been a point of difference, Marilou says. She credits that quality to the skill and dedication of David and his team of builders. “We work with professionals, and we bring them in early,” David explains. “The general contractor is involved as soon as we have the architect. They participate in each step of the process, from conception to delivery. They make sure that what we’re designing is buildable and in line with our budget.” On Cité Angus, they workedwith Sidcan, a well-known builder of high-quality structures, and a longstanding partner of SDA’s. They’re not exclusive to them, but they have worked together on multiple projects. “We know those guys very well,” David says. “We know how they work. We know they’re very educated and knowledgeable. We trust their advice.” “We also know they’re very transparent with us,” he adds. “There are no games being played. It’s very simple with them, and that’s a great quality to have in a building partner. That’s why we work with them and that’s what we’re looking for in a contractor.” David and Marilou also extend credit to the architects they collaborated with closely on both phases. On Cité Angus I, they worked with Rayside Labossière, and on II they worked with Aedifica. Marilou says they chose those partners because of their willingness to collaborate. “When we look for architects, we look for professionals who will be part of the team,” Marilou says. “We don’t just see ourselves as clients. We see ourselves as partners. It’s important to us to work with professionals who will add to our vision.” “We want to have an idea, and we want the architect or designer to say, ‘I love that, I’m going to push to push it further, and I’m going to work with you to bring it to the next level.’ That’s our first criteria.” In the case of Cité Angus, their idea was to have big units, and to mostly have three bedrooms, because that’s what they found was missing in the neighborhood. They needed their architect to be on board with that vision. “Our second criterion is we need to design cost-effectively,” Marilou continues. “We want to make sure we’re not just dreaming of what could be designed. We have to design with reality in mind.” THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE CANADA

SEPTEMBER 2021 Moving forward, she says that SDA Angus will continue to take that reality-based approach – even as they deliver imaginative and forward-thinking projects like Cité Angus and the Technopôle Angus at large. In just the last year, SDA has developed over 100,000 square feet of land, including Centre de santé Angus – a new health centre, which houses the largest Family Medicine Group (FMG) in Quebec, radiology and physio and occupational therapy clinics, a pharmacy and a medical research facility. That centre addresses the healthcare shortage in Rosemont–La Petite-Patrie, while offering patients all the services they need under just one roof. On the other side of the district, SDA also recently developed and delivered a new head office for lg2 – the largest independent creative agency in Canada. That’s a 60,000 square foot building with 9,000 square feet of retail space on the ground floor. Currently under construction, meanwhile, is a building slated for student housing, with 140 units due to be completed July 2022. Next year, SDA will also start building social housing. The Giant Steps School – a school for children with autism spectrum disorder – will later be relocated to the district as well. Those are just some of the examples of the upcoming attractions that Angus has to offer – there’s also an upcoming craft brewery on the ground floor the health centre, and an upcoming wine bar under lg2’s office. “That will be really fun for Angus,” Marilou says. “We started by developing a lot of the essential services, but now we’re developing some of the fun things. We’re on the lookout for interesting projects. It’s exciting to be part of it.”

THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE CANADA For more on SDA Angus, their history, their mission, and the many ways they are revitalizing the Technopôle Angus and other districts, visit For more on Cité Angus in particular, visit

Establishing Homes and Preserving Heritage


Based in the Vancouver area, Nestworks Construction offers New Custom homes, Heritage conversions, and services to meet renovation needs. Those at Nestworks are dedicated to serving and communicating with customers throughout the build or renovation process. Importantly, Nestworks always strives to build new, quality homes with character or preserve the already-existing character during a renovation. Historicity, futurity, and integrity are integral parts of the Nestworks vision. The owner, Stephen Nestmann, discusses the foundation of the company in 2014. Nestmann’s experiences and training led him down a path towards running his own business. “Shortly after moving to Vancouver, I started working with a high-end custom home builderonthewestsideofthecity. I did my entire apprenticeship and construction training in Vancouver. Then I went on to do project management. I decided to start my own family business in 2014” recounts Nestmann. When laying out the vision and direction of the company, Nestmann wanted to create a one with a culture that looked towards the future and towards a fulfilling career—not just a job. “I was looking to do the same type of work I had been doing, THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE CANADA “The continued success and growth of Nestworks signals towards Nestworks’ unique eye for retaining the historical personality of a home while moving towards modern ideals, such as energy efficiency, environmentalism, and updated home comforts.”

SEPTEMBER 2021 which was high end custom housing. I wanted to create a company that I wanted work for—somewhere that was a place where you come and have a career…not just a job. I wanted to keep an emphasis on doing interesting projects. We are always working with different architects and people to build custom homes,” notes Nestmann. The first project undertaken by Nestworks Construction was a heritage home. The company and its team converted the heritage home into a stratified triplex. This set the tone for Nestworks Construction’s future but by no means limited it. Nestmann adds, “We started with a fairly complicated residential build, and we remained with those for a while. We became a little bit known as a company that does a lot of house lifts. We were lifting two or three houses a year for the first few years and doing substantial renovations where we would modernize interiors and restore exteriors.” The continued success and growth of Nestworks signals towards Nestworks’ unique eye for retaining the historical personality of a home while moving towards modern ideals, such as energy efficiency, environmentalism, and updated home comforts. The balance between the historical and modern is exemplified in their heritage conversion home in West Point Grey. The interior combines modern elements with Scandinavian style. The floating stairs and sleek, white cabinetry highlight the custom arched windows and the Class C heritage exterior. “We work primarily in older developed character neighborhoods,” marks Nestmann. “Depending on the zoning, we often do projects where we are lifting the existing structure, excavating underneath, and replacing the foundation with a newly designed foundation. We do a lot of projects where we will put


SEPTEMBER 2021 in a new foundation and work through the house to provide a modern, efficient interior while restoring the character charm that is indicative of the part of the city where we typically build. The houses we work on are older character homes where we convert the interior.” While it has a hand in heritage conversion work, Nestworks has grown significantly through its beginning years and does work in building modern, new custom homes as well. Their eye for detail in renovations is paralleled in their ability to build new quality homes. Nestworks’ new custom-built home in Kerrisdale proves the company’s eye for sleek design, modern interiors, and practicality of living space. The beautifully tiled bathroom with blue and grey hues matches the blue cabinetry and accent shelves visible through stunning custom doors carved to look like veiny leaf silhouettes. Undoubtedly, each custombuilt home from Nestworks is infused with charm and appeal. Charm doesn’t just apply to the buildings. Part of the charm or appeal of Nestworks Construction comes from the relationships they build. Nestmann points to relationships as one of the leading factors of customer loyalty. “I often refer to our brand of custom construction as relationship-based building. These projects tend to be very personal projects for my clients. As such, it is important


to build not only the home with discerning high quality, but we are also building a trusting relationship with our clients.” Throughout the process, the team at Nestworks provides open and clear communication with clients to keep them informed. This helps clients remain in control of the building process and it helps them to make informative decisions during the build. Nestmann notes that communication and quality of work create a combination of success and trust. “There is real integrity and transparency in the way with which we operate. I think that leads to exceptional value. People know where every dollar they spend goes throughout the whole process. Because we are working for someone, there is a real emphasis on quality. When someone is building their dream home and moving their family, there is no room for cutting corners” adds Nestmann. Not only does the company’s team take quality and transparency seriously, but they also understand the modern interest in environmental concerns. They continue to strive to be on the cuttingedge of environmental and sustainability movements in the industry. Nestworks’ concern for the environment is best shown in their reuse and recyclingmethods during builds or renovations. The company works to see that no material goes to waste. SEPTEMBER 2021


“We will recycle and reuse the building,” Nestmann indicates. “Almost nothing ends up in a landfill. With the last house we deconstructed, 94 percent of the building was either recycled or reused.” Nestmann strikes a hard balance between the charm of the past and the needs of the demanding future. This balance spreads through the company culture and Nestmann’s view on the company’s future. “We are a family run company. I wanted my employees to feel like there is always a space and opportunity to grow and improve. I view them as an extension of my family. I feel comfortable investing in the people who work with me. It comes out of the idea of building a culture in a company that has a united goal--providing exceptional quality with integrity,” outlines Nestmann. Just as Nestmann sees opportunities for employees to grow, he also sees room for the company itself to expand. However, just like building one of their custom homes, Nestmann sees progress as a delicate process. “We are careful about how much we grow,” Nestmann details. “We always want to have the level of oversight and involvement that maintains our clients’ expectations and quality. We have been growing consistently but organically.” As the company grows, Nestworks Construction will continue to honor the spirit of the past through renovation while simultaneously crafting custom-built homes for the future. For Nestworks the future is two-fold. The past can be preserved, but the future is also filled with custom, modernized homes that are built for longevity. Whether building a new, contemporary home or renovating a historic one, Nestworks will continue to balance integrity, transparency, quality, and value to provide exceptional services to all of its clients. SEPTEMBER 2021

THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE CANADA For more on Nestworks Construction, their services, and their projects visit--

Making Energy Efficiency Practical and Luxurious


Ecosynergy helps clients reach energy performance goals by offering quality energy performance services and consultations. Ecosynergy is also an installer of AeroBarrier, which is a cutting-edge envelope sealing technology that is fully customizable to a client’s project. As champions of net zero energy, Ecosynergy works with clients to assure that practical needs and comfort needs always remain in balance. Such a balance fosters long-term success and longevity of design. Amelie Caron, Principal of Ecosynergy, founded the company in 2009 and then incorporated it in 2015. Caron finds that her life leading to the foundation of Ecosynergy was fast-paced and gave her a passion for the intersections of buildings and behaviors—both human and material. “My first mentor was listed in the home inspectors’ section of the yellow pages,” tells Caron. “He was an energy efficiency nerd. When trained in Quebec, I had the opportunity to troubleshoot houses that were old. They were built very differently. I continued doing professional development and courses. I ran into a Building Science Master’s Program overseas. Everything happened quickly, but I fell in love with housing work. Buildings behave like living things, but people do not see that. I find it fascinating to understand how a building functions. There is a human THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE CANADA “Amelie Caron, Principal of Ecosynergy, founded the company in 2009 and then incorporated it in 2015. Caron finds that her life leading to the foundation of Ecosynergy was fast-paced and gave her a passion for the intersections of buildings and behaviors—both human and material.”

SEPTEMBER 2021 behavior tied to it.” This fascination, along with prior experience, led to the beginnings of Ecosynergy. Caron details the changing energy codes, which helped formulate the direction of the company. Caron describes, “Ecosynergy was born in net zero energy. We were part of the first teams to work on the EQuilibrium™ program that came out around 2008. It was a pilot project funded by the government of Canada to see the feasibility of net zero energy in residential. I had the opportunity to work on a couple of the initial homes in Edmonton. That was our niche market.” In 2018, Ecosynergy agreed to a dealershiptoinstallAeroBarrier. Caron found it a natural move to join different Home Builders Associations to promote and offer the new product to the industry. By providing an innovative solution to clients, Caron found a way to fill a need in the market. Meeting this need shifted the orientation of the company. “I found that there seemed to be a fear in the residential building sector about how builders were going to get to those targets in such a short time frame. I felt that the industry needed guidance and help. We took the knowledge we had--and still have—and we are working with production and custom builders that are doing the best they can to reach those targets.” says Caron. Ecosynergy offers their services and products to any client that wants to meet their goals, whether it is a homebuilder or an architect. Caron notes that the clientele portfolio is diverse, and they are always looking to help clients to formulate new strategies and designs to achieve peak efficiency. The company’s diverse portfolio and clientele point to the quality of service that Ecosynergy provides. Caron finds that the way in which the team approaches clients is what sets this company apart.

THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE CANADA “We are personable, and we have the ability of explaining things that are scientific in ways that everyone can understand. No one feels like they are asking silly questions. We have to allow flow of communication,” notes Caron. However, the attention to human behavior also seems to give Ecosynergy a unique touch. In fact, its ability to see a need to balance comfort and practicality is what gives this company a unique perspective. Caron outlines, “When we help design a building, we always think about the human factors. You can have a net zero energy building that is uncomfortable. The reason why builders get complaints is because there is a comfort or discomfort trigger. Most times, there is a comfort challenge. If we can design buildings that are energy efficient and comfortable, then we have a better shot at building longevity in high performance.” Ecosynergy doesn’t just build relationships with people: it builds relationships between people and buildings by securing together the needs of both. That relationship extends to its pride in providing and installing AeroBarrier. Offering AeroBarrier was a sound decision because it was a product that fit in the wheelhouse of Ecosynergy’s services. It was a product that eased human labor and simplified construction processes. It made structures more energy efficient while also


making construction processes more efficient. “We are already experts in airtightness, so AeroBarrier was a great transition,” reflects Caron. “When we use AeroBarrier on a project, it eases our simulation world because we can almost guarantee a leakage rate. There is a little more on-site handholding to make sure targets are met. The product is done by physics. It’s not meant to replace the human labor, but it is meant to refine it. It is easy and simple.” The culture at Ecosynergy also considers human behavior by creating an environment where ideas and suggestions are valued. By having a group that is honest, vocal, and transparent, the company builds on its collective strengths. “Ideas and suggestions or challenges are all discussed as a group, but it’s not a hierarchy. That means I surround myself with people that see my blind spots. We have a small group, but it is all built on trust, honesty, and an expectation to speak up. If we don’t speak up, then we cannot see the problems. That is the kind of culture we are putting together,” Caron describes. The same kind of open and honest communication is also expected of the clients with whom they work. It is this kind of communication and comfort in asking questions that fosters success. THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE CANADA

“All we want is everyone to succeed. We want to make something practical and buildable. I see it as a real team effort. I see them not as clients but as partners and that is the relationship I like to build,” adds Caron. The organic growth and success that Ecosynergy has seen since 2009 is mirrored in Caron’s attitude towards the future of the company. Caron projects, “We want to grow. In the next couple of years if we could be a group of eight to ten, that would be a nice size. I do believe in organic growth. I am grateful for my network of people. I think the market will dictate how big we get. I am not fixed on a number, but we want to grow, and we have to grow.” Ecosynergy has clearly marked a path of exceptionalism in energy performance services, and they will continue to evolve to meet the demands of the industry while retaining the balance between practicality, efficiency, and comfort. SEPTEMBER 2021

THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE CANADA For more on Ecosynergy, their services, their team, and their projects visit-- For more information on AeroBarrier, visit

The Rise StreetSide Developments is a premier developer and builder of multi-family homes that fit today’s contemporary lifestyles. As a division of Qualico – Western Canada’s largest fully-integrated, private-owned real estate company – they are backed by an over-70-year tradition of passion, quality, and trust.


Over their own 30-plus year history, StreetSide has consistently brought Qualico’s strength and expertise to the multi-family sector. In Winnipeg, especially, they have earned a reputation as one of the city’s leading condominium developers, and they have set themselves apart with a long line of successful projects. Currently, StreetSide is adding to their legacy in Winnipeg with ‘The Rise’ – a modern collection of concrete-constructed apartment-style condominiums set in the centre of the city’s south neighborhood of Bridgwater. At seven storeys high, The Rise is the highest peak in the community. It will ultimately consist of two seven-storey buildings with underground parking, a total of 204 suites, two amenity rooms, two fitness centres, and an outdoor pool and tanning deck. One of the major appeals of the project is the energy efficiency – The Rise exceeds Manitoba Hydro PowerSmart requirements, making it a highperforming building that reduces energy bills and operating costs, extends equipment life, and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. It also includes WaterSense-certified fixtures, 100 per cent LED lighting, and environmentally-friendly lowVOC paint in all units. THE CONSTRUC T I ON SOURCE CANADA “Most of the decisions made about the construction – from lighting and appliances, to the overall structure – reflect the goal of creating a sustainable and energy-efficient development.”

SEPTEMBER 2021 According to Paul Gray, Project Manager, The Rise was “designed with sustainability and energy efficiency in mind from the start.” “Most of the decisions made about the construction – from lighting and appliances, to the overall structure – reflect the goal of creating a sustainable and energy-efficient development,” he says. Another major appeal of The Rise is the community – Bridgwater is the fastestgrowing neighborhood in Winnipeg and, once completed, will have a population of more than 20,000 residents. It will also be stocked with an array of exciting amenities, including boutiques, retailers and restaurants. The Altea Active fitness facility, located directly across from The Rise, is already complete and features 80,000 square feet of cardio and conditioning equipment, dedicated family friendly areas with saltwater pools, and a focus on holistic health – it’s the first fitness facility of its kind in Winnipeg. Bridgwater also features nature in abundance, with neighborhoods designed to showcase the beauty of nature year-round. The community is filled with stunning lakes, mature forests, and green spaces, along with kilometres of walking paths and pedestrian bridges. That connection to nature is another significant selling point. StreetSide was attracted to Bridgwater for all those reasons, but it also helped that they were familiar with the area. They had previously turned over hundreds of condominium units in the surrounding Bridgwater Forest, so they are understand the market, as well as the product type that works well there. “Bridgwater Centre is well on its way to be a vibrant commercial, residential, civic, entertainment and community-oriented development that builds on the traditions of successful downtowns and other town centres,” Paul says. “We knew

THE CONSTRUC T I ON SOURCE CANADA early on that we wanted to be a part of it.” The Rise offers more than just its address, however – Paul describes the condos within as both “luxurious” and “highvalue.” Each one-to-three bedroom suite features modern interiors, high ceilings, and contemporary kitchens with black stainless steel appliances, spacious living spaces, and large windows. At the same time, the price point is competitive due to the cost-effective, sustainable design features baked into the development. “Providing well thought out energy-efficient design features means lower energy bills for common areas and suites as well as lower greenhouse gas emissions, which is good for the environment and something that is high on many of our customers’ expectation lists,” Paul says.

Paul personally comes from a background in commercial construction, and has been working with StreetSide for roughly 10 years. He was drawn to the company due to their proven history and their reputation in the Winnipeg market. Qualico – known as Quality Construction, at the time – first entered the Winnipeg market in 1951 with seven homes. Since then, it has grown into one of Canada’s most successful integrated real estate companies. Activities today span the entire real estate spectrum and include residential land acquisition and development, single and multi-family home divisions, commercial and industrial development, property management and building supply and manufacturing divisions. Doing the right thing SEPTEMBER 2021

“70 years ago when you bought a Quality Construction home, you were buying into affordable luxury, and not much has changed in that regard,” Paul says. “Today, a home built by StreetSide – or any Qualico builder for that matter – promises to achieve better value for your money.” “We are heavily focused on staying one step ahead of market changes, building codes, and providing products that suit our customer’s modern lifestyles. A better value home means improved energy efficiency and an improved lifestyle. The technology to achieve this has certainly changed, but the grounding principles have remained true for over 70 years which I believe is why this company has been able to achieve the success it has. I’m happy to be a part of it.” In order to deliver the high quality, high value homes they are known for, StreetSide has always relied heavily on their trusted network of subcontractors and suppliers. Over the past 30 years, they have built exceptionally strong relationships with those partners. In each subcontracting discipline, they have found companies they know to be like-minded in their commitment to quality. “We operate under an inviteonly tender process,” Paul explains. “We select bidders of each discipline who we know are qualified, who have proven themselves, and who share our values. We look for people who will do the right thing and stand behind their work.” THE CONSTRUC T I ON SOURCE CANADA


The majority of StreetSide’s consultants, trades, vendors and suppliers are also longstanding – many of them have been working with the company even longer than Paul has. “We are very fortunate to have many mutually beneficial, long standing relationships in place,” Paul says. “We’re able to draw on each other’s strengths.” StreetSide also draws on the strength of their sister companies, including: Building Products and Concrete Supply LP, Gypsum Drywall Interiors Ltd, STAR Building, STAR Truss and The FloorShow. All are part of the Qualico group of companies. Paul says that being able to benefit from their specific expertise and experience is “a major advantage” for StreetSide. KENASTON SHOWROOM 1659 Kenaston Blvd. REGENT SHOWROOM 1500 Regent Ave. THE CONSTRUC T I ON SOURCE CANADA

Currently, the first building of The Rise is complete and occupied, with a few movein ready suites available for purchase. Building two is now pre-selling, with the precast concrete superstructure installation nearing. Construction is scheduled to be completed in the third quarter of 2022. According to Paul, sales so far have been very strong, and the reviews from residents have been equally positive. He says that people are proud to live at The Rise – just like he is personally proud of his role in delivering it. “It’s been a pleasure to be a part of this project throughout the complete development lifecycle from land acquisition, design development, construction and turnover,” he says. “Winnipeg is such a great city and I’m honoured and privileged to be a part of providing its residents with this affordable luxury condominium development.” An honour and a privilege SEPTEMBER 2021