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SEPTEMBER 2021 in development,” he explains. “We have a lot of expertise in the industry and we know how to shape a building in order to earn the most revenue for the developer.” As an example, Navjeet cites a recent client, who came to Skye Marketing early in the process, pushing to build 24 townhouse units of about 1,500 square feet each. Skye Marketing did some research and concluded that it was actually better for them to build 18 townhouse units, with each unit between 2,400 and 2,500 square feet, because there was a niche market out there that wanted that extra space. Navjeet says the client went with their suggestion, and they ended up making roughly $1.3 million more on the project than they would have if they went with their original plan. Again, Navjeet says, that ability to maximize value is one of Skye Marketing’s main draws. Another important draw, however, is their sincerity. According to Navjeet, they want the best for their clients, even if that sometimes means not getting their business. “We actually adviseour clients to see what else is on the market,” he explains. “A lot of companies want an exclusive relationship. They want to have a tight grip on the client and the client’s projects. We’re not like that. We always want what’s best for the client and are confident that we will prevail on top.” “I always tell clients, ‘This is what we can provide for you on this project, and this is our price. I would actually encourage you to speak to other companies and see if they can come close to the service and success they would see with Skye Marketing.’ We have yet to see another company be able to confidently market and sell a development more efficiently thanourselves.” By taking that approach, Skye Marketing’s goal is to build trust with their clients, and they hope that trust leads to longterm relationships. “We’re not a company that’s looking to just get in and out, get the sales done, make our money, and walk away,” Surjan says. “I think clients see that. They see our past success, our experience, our honesty – and I think that helps cement our relationships.”