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As previously mentioned, Skye Marketing recently earned acclaim from the 2021 Georgie Awards for theirwork onMortise Group’s website. Surjan credits that recognition, at least partly, to the extent of the website’s transformation. He says when their team started working on it, the site was woefully out of date, and he believes they have more than corrected that. “We were able to refresh it, take it to the next level, and make it into a one-stop-shop for anyone who jumps on,” he explains. “There’s a mortgage calculator on the side – you can take the price of our units, get in there, and see if you qualify. It gives you full information on strata. It gives you full information on warranties – which a lot of people don’t really understand when it comes to new builds and multi-family developments. Our main goal was to make this a ‘one-stop’ shop for clients researching a home” “We also wanted to showcase the history of Mortise and the experience they have,” he adds. Taking pride in their work THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE CANADA