The Construction Source

THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE CANADA Then there’s the firm’s competitive pricing – Songlin says that SPAN almost always charges lesser fees than their larger competitors, while still providing high quality services. “We can provide that value because we’re a small firm,” Songlin explains. “We don’t have a lot of overhead. We’re not spending money on inhouse accounting or marketing. We only charge the client our design fee. That also sets us apart. That’s another big reason clients choose us.” Over the years, SPAN has relied on those points of difference to generate business, and that strategy has worked. The company has virtually never advertised. Almost all of their work has come from repeat business and referrals. “I think that’s the best indicator possible that we’re meeting the needs of our clients,” Songlin says. “That’s what we do. That’s what it means to provide good service – it means meeting your clients’ needs.”