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in place locally.” “We do the same things with our architects and engineers,” he adds. “We use several architectural firms and we use several engineering firms. When we’re choosing one for a project, we look at who the project manager is going to be and we look at their experience locally. Our decision is going to be based on that.” Trinity also looks for good reputations in their real estate and property management partners. Over the years, they have also identified companies with those values and have formed some longstanding relationships with them. One trusted partner, for example, is Morley Hoppner Group. They are a dynamic Ottawa-based real estate development firm that focuses onopportunities that enrichand enhance city neighborhoods. They have the ability to develop partnerships and guide large design and construction teams to successful project completions, and they have been involved in a number of pioneering projects across Canada. Another frequent partner is Hazelview Properties. They are a Toronto-based company that manages apartment buildings across North America. By working with “best-in-class” operators like them, Fred says that Trinity Group ensures the best possible experiences for their residential tenants. “People are looking for bestTHE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE CANADA