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SEPTEMBER 2021 in-class,” Fred says, “and that’s who we’ve teamed up with. We’ve teamed up with the best real estate and property management professionals on the market.” “We know what we’re experts in,” he adds. “When we’re not experts, we bring in the experts to be our partners.” Moving forward, thatwill remain Trinity Group’s approach – they want to continue working with best-in-class partners and, with their help, continue providing the best possible buildings and the best possible service to end-users. “We want to provide urban envelopes where tenants have the space they need to succeed,” Fred concludes. “And we want to match those envelopes with the right operators to make sure we’re providing the best experience.” Trinity Group will also continue evolving when necessary. Right now, they see themselves as providing the most value to the market with mixed-use spaces, but it used to be that their specialty was big box stores. If the needs of themarket change, Trinity has already proven that they can adapt to meet them. Fred says that adaptability will remain core to the group.