The Construction Source

– the vast majority encompass over 1,000 square feet, and include three closed bedrooms, two full bathrooms, and plenty of storage space. The building also includes a large common room, a bright courtyard, and a space for bicycle parking. Cité Angus II, meanwhile, is set apart by its bold new green architectural concept. The design was inspired by the tree – “the ultimate icon of nature,” Marilou says. The building has a monumental spiral staircase that allows residents to access their condos directly from the lush courtyard. All units offer exceptional natural lighting, thanks to open areas, nine-foot ceilings, and abundant windows on two or three sides. There is also a green rooftop terrace with a spectacular view of the city and of nature. Once again, the units are also large and accommodating to families. According to Marilou, the feedback from residents on both phases has been very positive. She says that residents of Phase 1 are happy with their homes and they recognize how much of a luxury it is to live in “an ecologically-conscious development with such a great mix of stores and services around.” Phase 2 is still under construction, but Marilou expects the reception tobe even better, thanks to the lessons they learned on Phase 1. Also, she says, the new building was designed to provide residents with what they’re looking for in a post-COVID world – meaning outdoor private space. Ad agency LG2’s headquarters at the Technopôle Angus in Montréal SEPTEMBER 2021