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the Sustainable Master Plan for Technopôle Angus Phase 2. That plan encompassed roughly 450,000 square feet. It still focused on job creation, but it balanced that focus with other social, economic, and ecological objectives, including the addition of new ecologicallyconscious housing. “We started by mostly developing offices,” Marilou recalls. “Now we’re developing neighborhoods.” The Phase 2 Master Plan was presented in 2015, it was well received, and construction commenced in 2018. SDA started with their first residential project, called Cité Angus. Cité Angus is a residential project within the Technopôle Angus. Marilou describes it as the “the ultimate vector of the SDA’s values and vision.” It comprises 207 condo units designed to meet the needs and wants of families who wanted to stay and raise their children in Montreal. It is being delivered in two phases. Phase 1 is already built and sold out, with every unit occupied. Phase 2 is under construction now, with only four or five units left on the market. Phase 1 of Cité Angus was set apart by its affordability – over 70 per cent of the units had a price tag that met the affordability criteria of the City of Montreal’s Home Ownership Support Program, allowing owners to access a local $10,000 per unit subsidy. At the same time, the units were spacious THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE CANADA