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SEPTEMBER 2021 decided to fill that void in the market and form Skye Marketing. For the first few years, Skye Marketing mainly worked on Mortise Group projects, where they repeatedly proven the depth of their knowledge, and the value of their service. In recent years, other developers have started to take notice of that value, and Skye Marketing’s client base has expanded. According to Surjan Pahal, Marketing Manager, developers today are drawn to Skye Marketing for the reasons they anticipated. One of those reasons is their complete service offering – they can do everything from market analysis, to creative design development and branding, all the way through to managing project sales. All those services are performed in-house by the company’s direct team of experienced experts. From the conceptual development phase to the final possession date, Skye can handle all of their client’s marketing needs in one place. That depth of service is one of the main reasons clients choose them, Surjan reiterates. The other main reason, he believes, is their in-depth knowledge of local markets. “We understand development intrinsically,” he says. “We know it from start to finish. From when plans go in for their first readings at city hall, all the way to closing down a project – we’re able to provide our expertise and give our clients the best advice possible.” Early on, Surjan says that Skye Marketing can answer questions such as ‘What unit mixes will the community absorb best?’, ‘What style of unit is popular in the area?’ and ‘What square footage will maximize the amount of units and achieve the most profit?’ He doesn’t believe that there are many other real estate marketers that can provide that depth of know-how and experience. “We come from a background