The Construction Source

SEPTEMBER 2021 which was high end custom housing. I wanted to create a company that I wanted work for—somewhere that was a place where you come and have a career…not just a job. I wanted to keep an emphasis on doing interesting projects. We are always working with different architects and people to build custom homes,” notes Nestmann. The first project undertaken by Nestworks Construction was a heritage home. The company and its team converted the heritage home into a stratified triplex. This set the tone for Nestworks Construction’s future but by no means limited it. Nestmann adds, “We started with a fairly complicated residential build, and we remained with those for a while. We became a little bit known as a company that does a lot of house lifts. We were lifting two or three houses a year for the first few years and doing substantial renovations where we would modernize interiors and restore exteriors.” The continued success and growth of Nestworks signals towards Nestworks’ unique eye for retaining the historical personality of a home while moving towards modern ideals, such as energy efficiency, environmentalism, and updated home comforts. The balance between the historical and modern is exemplified in their heritage conversion home in West Point Grey. The interior combines modern elements with Scandinavian style. The floating stairs and sleek, white cabinetry highlight the custom arched windows and the Class C heritage exterior. “We work primarily in older developed character neighborhoods,” marks Nestmann. “Depending on the zoning, we often do projects where we are lifting the existing structure, excavating underneath, and replacing the foundation with a newly designed foundation. We do a lot of projects where we will put