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Based in the Vancouver area, Nestworks Construction offers New Custom homes, Heritage conversions, and services to meet renovation needs. Those at Nestworks are dedicated to serving and communicating with customers throughout the build or renovation process. Importantly, Nestworks always strives to build new, quality homes with character or preserve the already-existing character during a renovation. Historicity, futurity, and integrity are integral parts of the Nestworks vision. The owner, Stephen Nestmann, discusses the foundation of the company in 2014. Nestmann’s experiences and training led him down a path towards running his own business. “Shortly after moving to Vancouver, I started working with a high-end custom home builderonthewestsideofthecity. I did my entire apprenticeship and construction training in Vancouver. Then I went on to do project management. I decided to start my own family business in 2014” recounts Nestmann. When laying out the vision and direction of the company, Nestmann wanted to create a one with a culture that looked towards the future and towards a fulfilling career—not just a job. “I was looking to do the same type of work I had been doing, THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE CANADA “The continued success and growth of Nestworks signals towards Nestworks’ unique eye for retaining the historical personality of a home while moving towards modern ideals, such as energy efficiency, environmentalism, and updated home comforts.”