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assist developers with choosing those locations: “Our services start with land acquisition and go all the way to project delivery,” he says. “We do it all.” Derek also credits the commercial success of their projects to the way the balance they strike between indoor and outdoor spaces. He and Bonnie have historically made outdoor spaces a priority in their works, and since the onset of COVID that emphasis has only grown. 8188 Yonge, for example, includes 30,000 square feet of outdoor amenities. That includes a swimming pool with sun deck, yoga and exercise space, a lush park, a kids’ play area, barbecues, a dog park, and a meandering walkway. “Outdoor amenity is considered a huge bonus for buyers,” Derek says. “Especially during the pandemic, we saw a real need for them.” “Our designs respond to the market,” Bonnie adds. “That’s what we do. I think that’s a big part of why our projects are so well received.” It also helps that ZO1’s projects are delivered to a high standard of quality and built to stand the test of time. The firm ensures that consistency of workmanship by developing strong relationships with their building partners – partners like Gillam Group, who they are currently working with on 8188 Yonge. “As architects, we work very closely with the builders,” Bonnie explains. “We meet with them every week. We make sure there’s no misunderstanding between design and construction.” “We’re also very close with the trades,” she continues. “We’re not just architects who hand over a design and go home. We follow through all the way to completion. That’s what it means to provide a full service. We make sure the buildings are being built to the design intent.” THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE CANADA