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each development takes on.” “There are many different types of architects out there in the world,” she says. “We’re the type of architect that’s strictly trained and focused on strategic planning and delivery for real estate business.” “We also focus on aesthetics and providing sustainable buildings in harmony with their unique environment,” she adds. “But we balance the aesthetics with the construction budget so we can bring projects to reality.” ZO1 is also very experienced at working with cities and municipalities, especially in the Greater Toronto Area. By using good urban design strategies, they not only earn approvals, but they regularly increase the yield of units and density approved on a single site. They do that without compromising livability for the residents, and while still enhancing the streetscapes and the cultural attributes of the existing communities they work in. “We merge the vision of the city and the vision of the developer into one single solution that achieves the goals of both sides,” Bonnie says. “We take pride in that.” Marketability is also an important metric for ZO1 and all their projects. They take pride in ensuring that everything they design is not only cost-effective for the developer but also appealing to the end users and purchasers. Derek believes the key to that consistent appeal often starts with the locations they work in, and they often SEPTEMBER 2021