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All the best, The Editorial Team We will keep adding business units that enhance our offering and separate us from our competition. “ ” Editor From The Dear Reader, Welcome to the latest issue of Construction Source Canada, the magazine that highlights the best in building and building products across the country. In this edition, we’ve taken a look at some of the biggest names in construction and development across the country. Trinity Group is a prime example – they are one of the leaders in mixed-use developments across Canada, with a particularly well-established reputation in in Toronto and Ottawa. Since forming in 1992, they have developed and sold over 20million square feet in properties, and they have 11million square feet in the pipeline.We spoke toPresident & CEO Fred Waks about Trinity’s massive footprint to date, their shift from shopping centres to mixed-use buildings, and why their projects work so well for end-users. We also talked about the company’s emphasis on philanthropy and corporate citizenship, which is driven from the top and informs every decision they make. SDA Angus, meanwhile, is an important name in the Quebec development sector. They are a not-for-profit social-economy business that was created to drive urban revitalization and bring new life into several Montreal boroughs. We talked to two of their leaders about the organization’s history, mission, and the transformative impact they have had on the Technopôle Angus – what was once an abandoned industrial park is now a thriving eco-district and sought-after destination for businesses, residents, and workers alike. And that’s not all. This edition also includes profiles on Vancouver home builder Nestworks Construction, Surreybased real estate marketers Skye Marketing, and Toronto architects ZO1. For those stories, and more like them, just keep reading.