The Construction Source

“70 years ago when you bought a Quality Construction home, you were buying into affordable luxury, and not much has changed in that regard,” Paul says. “Today, a home built by StreetSide – or any Qualico builder for that matter – promises to achieve better value for your money.” “We are heavily focused on staying one step ahead of market changes, building codes, and providing products that suit our customer’s modern lifestyles. A better value home means improved energy efficiency and an improved lifestyle. The technology to achieve this has certainly changed, but the grounding principles have remained true for over 70 years which I believe is why this company has been able to achieve the success it has. I’m happy to be a part of it.” In order to deliver the high quality, high value homes they are known for, StreetSide has always relied heavily on their trusted network of subcontractors and suppliers. Over the past 30 years, they have built exceptionally strong relationships with those partners. In each subcontracting discipline, they have found companies they know to be like-minded in their commitment to quality. “We operate under an inviteonly tender process,” Paul explains. “We select bidders of each discipline who we know are qualified, who have proven themselves, and who share our values. We look for people who will do the right thing and stand behind their work.” THE CONSTRUC T I ON SOURCE CANADA