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SEPTEMBER 2021 every need. To achieve their founding mission, the SDA embarked on a number of initiatives, and formed and executed a multistage sustainable development plan. As part of that long term plan, the organization: decontaminated the area; built eco-friendly buildings; supported the creation of quality jobs; promoted job reintegration for the most vulnerable in society; followed social-economy principles; and promoted access to property and housing at a fair price. Roughly 20 years in, the Technopôle now represents a healthy, dynamic and integrated living environment. It includes social-reintegration organizations that help get hundredsofpeopleback towork every year. There is simplified access to property and housing. There’s the first LEED_ND certified eco-district in Quebec, which has received numerous awards, and which is located across from Jean-Duceppe Park. There are also several health care service points, active public transportation, and a social-utility trust created to project the site from real estate speculation. “It’s a real urban-renewal success story,” says Marilou Hudon-Huot, Vice-President of Commercial Leasing and Residential Development. Marilou has been with SDA Angus for roughly eight years. She was drawn to SDA because they “put the needs of the community over profit.” “It’s really interesting to be part of an organization like that,” she says, “and it’s really interesting be part of the redevelopment of Montreal. There are so many sites here that are in strategic locations that can be redeveloped. We redevelop them not to make the most profit, but to make the best project that will most benefit the community that’s already in place. That’s great to be a part of.” David Goulet-Jobin, meanwhile, is SDA’s Building Project