The Construction Source

THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE CANADA Manager. He’s in charge of new construction and renovations to Technopôle buildings. Prior to joining the organization, he worked for a general contractor and SDA was a client. Roughly four-and-a-half years ago, he was looking for a change, and SDA reached out to him. Like Marilou, he admired the organization for the impact they made on the city, and was excited to be personally lived. On top of that, he lived only 10 minutes away from the Technopôle. “It was the perfect match,” he says. When Marilou first started with SDA, they were building the secondphaseof the Technopôle Angus. They already had roughly 50 per cent of the land developed. At the time, that meant roughly 700,000 square feet of mostly office space – which they had developed with the aim of creating new jobs at a site where thousands had lost jobs in 1992. “The aim of Angus first was to redevelop employment in the neighborhood,” Marilou recalls. “But thenthesectorevolved.Our competitors were not industrial land parks anymore. They were mostly neighborhoods. It was interesting to review what we were doing and reflect onwhere we wanted the redevelopment to go.” As part of that reflection, they worked with Proven Cherroy – a renowned local architecture firm – to develop