The Construction Source

industrial and office complexes; high profile residential condominiums; hotel and retail projects; With years of experience navigating the real estate market in both upswings and downturns, clients trust us to help them establish forward-looking strategies with their development and re-development projects in both urban and suburban areas, including: For more information about how Fogler, Rubinoff LLP can help with your next project visit Our Real Estate Lawyers Help Clients Change The Skyline shopping centres; and residential subdivisions. THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE CANADA including the residential tenants and the retail operators. The buildings work so well, Fred explains, because Trinity meets with retail operators very early on in the process to ensure that the design will meet their needs. They incorporate their input to ensure the projects offer sufficient parking, that there are the right amount of entry-points, that there is space to accept deliveries, et cetera. Trinity similarly ensures that the needs of the residential tenants are accounted for. The same goes for municipal authorities – Trinity ensures their developments meet the needs of the community, and that they include the appropriate and mandated mix of suites and affordable units. They recognize that affordability is a priority for governments like Toronto’s, and they respect that priority. Trinity can ensure their buildings meet all those requirements because they have a full design team inhouse. That team ensures that every box is ticked, and that the needs of every stakeholder are accounted for. “That’s something that differentiates us,” Fred says. “Very few developers have that capability in-house.” Another point of difference – and perhaps the company’s main point of difference – is Trinity’s commitment to