The Construction Source

Connecting Care thrived despite a pandemic because it recognized demand for innovation and did so within the confines, needs, and rules created by a pandemic. In fact, Connecting Care operated within the pandemic sowell that it received a National Healthy Workplace Award in 2020. “Our focus in March 2020 shifted from normal operations and normal development to managing within the COVID-19 environment. Our focus became keeping our seniors and employees safe, healthy, and alive. I am very proud of the performance of the organization, and you will see by our report card that we did phenomenal work during the pandemic, and our performance was exemplary,” remarks Revell. Some of their success during the times of the pandemic came fromsupportinganddeveloping their IT systems, especially since operations during COVID moved predominately to digital and online spaces. Revell adds, “You cannot run any business today without a strong IT system. We recognized, based on feedback, that we needed to improve our IT support and we started implementing those changes. That investment paid off. We needed to do everything on a digital platform. If we had not started improving and bringing up our IT prowess, we would not have fared as well during the pandemic.” THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE CANADA Photo: Airdrie Care Community under construction