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Revell notes that their investment in a stronger IT system also allowed Connecting Care to ward off a substantial increase in hacking attempts during the pandemic. The continued success, as Revell indicates, comes down to collaborations and partnerships with exemplary individuals that share the same values of dedication and service. All partnerships, including those with builders or health authorities, are working towards the same goal of seeking innovative methods to create healthy and supportive living environments. “You don’t achieve the performance that we had alone,” Revell reveals. “You work with your partners, suppliers, third party owners, and health authorities. You keep a senior safeby engaging inpartnerships and collaborating with others. That is what we demonstrate. Not only do we have to turn on a dime and adjust to serve better, but we also collaborate effectively with our partners and our communities to ensure that those we serve and those who serve are also supported.” One example of a partner that Connecting Care collaborates with effectively is Shaw Business. They rely on them to provide their communities with reliable, high-speed internet at affordable prices. That partnership played an important part of the company’s recent IT upgrades, and Shaw`s Businesss services enabled Connecting Care to continue operating effectively throughout the pandemic. Moving forward, Connecting Care believes that by collaborating with partners like Shaw Business, and by continuing to adapt to the needs of the market, they will be able to carve out a future of success and growth. Revell suspects their continued evolution can be achieved by watching for changing demands and applying new innovations. “Our plan is to grow,” projects Revell. “You want to grow where you can add the most substantial amount of value. We think we can add value to the senior congregate housing industry. We know that the needs of seniors are changing, and the demand of what they want is changing. We want to continue to be nimble. I do think the future is bright.” As leading developers, community managers, and providers of senior care, Connecting Care and Points West Livingwill continue tobuild and operate environments that promote healthy and happy lifestyles. Such care can only happen with a belief in collaboration and a dedication to serving others. SEPTEMBER 2021