The Construction Source

“All we want is everyone to succeed. We want to make something practical and buildable. I see it as a real team effort. I see them not as clients but as partners and that is the relationship I like to build,” adds Caron. The organic growth and success that Ecosynergy has seen since 2009 is mirrored in Caron’s attitude towards the future of the company. Caron projects, “We want to grow. In the next couple of years if we could be a group of eight to ten, that would be a nice size. I do believe in organic growth. I am grateful for my network of people. I think the market will dictate how big we get. I am not fixed on a number, but we want to grow, and we have to grow.” Ecosynergy has clearly marked a path of exceptionalism in energy performance services, and they will continue to evolve to meet the demands of the industry while retaining the balance between practicality, efficiency, and comfort. SEPTEMBER 2021