The Construction Source

making construction processes more efficient. “We are already experts in airtightness, so AeroBarrier was a great transition,” reflects Caron. “When we use AeroBarrier on a project, it eases our simulation world because we can almost guarantee a leakage rate. There is a little more on-site handholding to make sure targets are met. The product is done by physics. It’s not meant to replace the human labor, but it is meant to refine it. It is easy and simple.” The culture at Ecosynergy also considers human behavior by creating an environment where ideas and suggestions are valued. By having a group that is honest, vocal, and transparent, the company builds on its collective strengths. “Ideas and suggestions or challenges are all discussed as a group, but it’s not a hierarchy. That means I surround myself with people that see my blind spots. We have a small group, but it is all built on trust, honesty, and an expectation to speak up. If we don’t speak up, then we cannot see the problems. That is the kind of culture we are putting together,” Caron describes. The same kind of open and honest communication is also expected of the clients with whom they work. It is this kind of communication and comfort in asking questions that fosters success. THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE CANADA