The Construction Source

THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE CANADA “If a client doesn’t care about quality, if they just care about price, we’re probably not the builder for them,” Shadi adds. “Everything we build reflects on us as a company. We only want to build homes that we can be proud of.” That’s not to say that Iraca doesn’t care about costs, however. As a company, they also take pride in being efficient and delivering value-for-money. Iraca achieves that efficiency in several ways. For example, they use the same subcontractors on a consistent basis, and those partners give them better rates because they know they will have consistent work yearround. Those partners also become familiar with Iraca’s expectations and processes, so the jobs tend to proceed smoothly every time, without the costly delays and errors that come from misunderstandings and unfamiliarity. The majority of Iraca’s relationships with trades date back 10 years, to the year the company first commenced. Many of those trades have grown alongside Iraca. “The trades that don’t live up to our standards, we remove from the list,” Ebi explains. “But the trades that get what we’re doing, that work with us in a productive way – we hold on to them. We develop longstanding relationships. We consider those relationships very, very precious.” “They’re like family,” he adds. “We invite them to parties on New Year’s and barbecues in the summer, and they invite us. They mean a lot to us. I believe the key to our success is the relationships we have built with our team of subcontractors.”