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SEPTEMBER 2021 at roughly 12-years-old. She is now a licensed realtor with over six years’ experience in development in construction, and she frequently helps Iraca’s clients with purchasing properties, and sometimes with selling their existing ones. Shadi’s sister Shiva Ghayem is a registered notary, and administrator with the business, while their mother Sara Rezabaig works as the company’s interior designer and stager. The company is a true family business. They believe that’s one of their main points of difference. “We all care so deeply about this company,” Shadi says. “It’s not just my dad’s company – and we often tell him that. We’re very, very family-oriented. Personally, I’ve been a part of it and involved with it since I was very young.” Because they’re such a familyoriented company, Shadi says they have always taken pride in building for families. Once they started doing custom homes, they took their responsibilities to the client extremely seriously. They always kept in mind the needs of the people that would be living in their homes. They always made sure they were delivering to them high quality homes that were durable and long-lasting. “We’ve always been passionate about delivering high-end finishes and using quality materials,” Shadi explains. “It’s never just been about finding the cheapest option. From the start, we’ve cared too much about quality. I think that’s why clients are drawn to us.” Today, Iraca’s projects can range in value from $3 million to $15 million, and in size from 5,000 to 10,000 square feet. The majority of their clients are similar to them – they are family-oriented and they care about creating something great. “We build for families,” Ebi reiterates, “and we build for clients who are looking for quality.”