The Construction Source

– a 282-unit mixed-use condo development, which is in construction now – and ‘105 Sheppard East’ in North York – a 58-unit mixed-use boutique condo where sales are due to launch in the coming months. On 105 Sheppard East, the client is Trulife Developments. On 8188 Yonge, the client is both Trulife and Constantine Enterprises inc – both are ambitious and visionary developers focused on working in prestigious Toronto neighborhoods. According to Bonnie and Derek, ZO1 is an ideal design partner for developers like them. They believe their company is wellpositioned to work with both established developers as well as up-and-comers. “We are also very experienced at working with developers who are just starting out,” Bonnie says. “Or maybe they’ve been doing single-detached or subdivisions for 20 years and would like to do their first condo – we’re very good at helping them make that transition. We’re often really excited at helping people and companies grow. That’s our culture.” Derek credits that ability to his and Bonnie’s personal involvement with every project. ZO1 can do large-scale projects, but they remain a boutique firm, and the principals are hands-on with everything they do. They can provide each client with personal advice and guidance, backed by their many years’ shared experience and their mutual track records of successful project delivery. “We’re not a big firm,” Derek says. “We’re boutique. We’re personally involved in every project and we personally deal with every client. If they have a question, we can respond to them quickly. I think that’s pretty unique for our sector. We believe our clients truly appreciate that.” SEPTEMBER 2021