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SEPTEMBER 2021 projects. At the same time, they welcome opportunities to do smaller-scale projects, if the projects are unique and fit their values. “Because we’re a boutique firm, we can pivot and do a luxury home,” Bonnie says. “We don’t just have to do 1,000 units at a time. We can also take on smaller projects. We welcome projects of all scales, and we approach them all the same way. We provide the same attention and quality of design.” In the future, the firm is particularly interested in pursuing opportunities in affordable housing, even if they have to start on a smaller scale. That’s in line with their vision of doing work that “contributes to society,” no matter the size or sector. “We want to do projects that make a difference for the community,” Bonnie concludes. “We want to deliver projects that help the young, the old, and the less privileged. We want to be able to give back more and more as we grow.”