The Construction Source

THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE CANADA ZO1 also has a number of projects in the planning stages. That list comprises some very large projects, including: a sixstorey condo with 200 units in Mississauga; a 600 unit, multiphased midrise community in Waterdown, Hamilton; a 14-storey mixed use condo building with 350 units in Vaughan; and a project in Markham which will comprise three buildings between 25 and 30 storeys each, for a total of up to 900 units with grade related retail. Moving forward, ZO1 wants to continue down the path of doing bigger projects, but they don’t necessarily want to get too much bigger as a company. In their year-and-a-half of operation, they have grown into a staff of 18, and they are fairly comfortable at that size. “We want to keep the size of the firm in the small-to-mid scale,” Bonnie says. “Derek and I want to be able to personally attend to every developer’s project. We don’t want to have to send someone else. We want to put our personal touch on every project we do.” “We also want to make every project unique,” she adds. “For each and every one of our projects, we’re interested in doing something different. We don’t want to get married to one aesthetic. We can do everything – traditional, modern, and transitional – and we want to do everything. If you look at our portfolio, all of our projects look very different and relate closely to their associated existing neighborhood, and that’s the way we like it.” Where ZO1 does want to grow is in the size and scope of their