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higher-density projects, as that’s the current trend in the Fraser Valley & Lower Mainland. According to Surjan, they have recently seen a lot of townhome proposals transition to condo projects with 100-to-200 units. “The market is definitely shifting more towards condos, smaller spaces, and affordability,” Surjan explains. “Our job is to make sure that our developers, and theunits they’redeveloping, will suit that market – and within that market, we want to make sure they stand out.” As for whom those developers will be, Surjan says that Skye Marketing will continue to service “cornerstone developers” like Mortise Group – but they are also excited to take on up-and-comers and help them establish their own reputations. “We’re here for those companies,” he says. “We’d love to give them our expertise and help them get started.” “Our goal is to grow,” Navjeet concludes. “We’re looking to get larger, looking to take on more clients, and we’re looking to spread our wings as much as we can. We want to help every kind of developer. We want to be amongst the top companies they think of when they’re starting up a project.” SEPTEMBER 2021