The Construction Source

THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE CANADA Photo: Airdrie Care Community under construction engage in healthy lifestyles by contributing to the community. Revell speaks highly of the positive influence of the Eden Model of Care. “It requires organizations to focus on those who they serve and to ensure that everything we do tries to create living environments for seniors that decrease the three plagues of senior congregate houses— loneliness, helplessness, and boredom,” outlines Revell. Such care is only part of what sets Connecting Care and Points West Living apart from other providers of care and other communities. They have also shown an innate ability to adapt. Revell likes to use the term “evolve” to describe the stages of growthandadaptation that Connecting Care and Points West Living have undertaken to both grow within and survive through a pandemic. “We became bigger and more complex quickly,” shares Revell. “I was asked to work with the management team of Connecting Care to take it to its next evolution and to build the skills and competencies to take on thework we had now and the work we needed to take on in the future. We all know that the population of seniors is growing and the demand for innovative and supportive housing for seniors will continue to grow as our population ages. Then, within six months of arriving, we had a pandemic hit.”