The Construction Source

THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE CANADA “We are personable, and we have the ability of explaining things that are scientific in ways that everyone can understand. No one feels like they are asking silly questions. We have to allow flow of communication,” notes Caron. However, the attention to human behavior also seems to give Ecosynergy a unique touch. In fact, its ability to see a need to balance comfort and practicality is what gives this company a unique perspective. Caron outlines, “When we help design a building, we always think about the human factors. You can have a net zero energy building that is uncomfortable. The reason why builders get complaints is because there is a comfort or discomfort trigger. Most times, there is a comfort challenge. If we can design buildings that are energy efficient and comfortable, then we have a better shot at building longevity in high performance.” Ecosynergy doesn’t just build relationships with people: it builds relationships between people and buildings by securing together the needs of both. That relationship extends to its pride in providing and installing AeroBarrier. Offering AeroBarrier was a sound decision because it was a product that fit in the wheelhouse of Ecosynergy’s services. It was a product that eased human labor and simplified construction processes. It made structures more energy efficient while also