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Shadi credits the strength of those relationships to Iraca’s commitment to transparency and truthfulness. “Weprideourselvesonhonesty,” sheexplains. “Communication is the foundation of our company. We believe that clear and transparent communication is vital for success. We build relationships based on trust.” “We’ve had clients that we’ve built custom homes for, and they’ve come back because they’ve wanted to work with us as investors and build spec homes together,” he adds. “That’s because they trust us. They’ve seen how honest we are with them throughout the process.” “They’ve seen our professionalism as well,” Ebi says. “That’s also important. They’ve seen how wellscheduled our work is. They’ve seen the speed of our work and the quality of our work, and they’ve seen how happy we make our customers. They’ve seen that we’re a company that they can rely on.” Currently, Iraca Group is actively building across Greater Vancouver, in neighborhoods including Coquitlam, the North Shore, White Rock and Surrey. They aremainly building custom homes for clients, but they also do the occasional home on spec – sometimes with past clients as investors, like Shadi explained. Projects at 822 Poirier Street and 728 Rochester Avenue in Coquitlam are two examples of spec homes coming up for sale. In recent years, Iraca has also received a lot of inquiries about building multi-family developments. They never want to abandon the single-family market, but they are interested in pursuing those opportunities –Ebi and Shadi see a near-future where Iraca has grown enough that they can do both. “Our vision is to do both singlefamily and multi-family, and to be a one-stop-shop,” Shadi concludes. SEPTEMBER 2021