The Construction Source

“We will recycle and reuse the building,” Nestmann indicates. “Almost nothing ends up in a landfill. With the last house we deconstructed, 94 percent of the building was either recycled or reused.” Nestmann strikes a hard balance between the charm of the past and the needs of the demanding future. This balance spreads through the company culture and Nestmann’s view on the company’s future. “We are a family run company. I wanted my employees to feel like there is always a space and opportunity to grow and improve. I view them as an extension of my family. I feel comfortable investing in the people who work with me. It comes out of the idea of building a culture in a company that has a united goal--providing exceptional quality with integrity,” outlines Nestmann. Just as Nestmann sees opportunities for employees to grow, he also sees room for the company itself to expand. However, just like building one of their custom homes, Nestmann sees progress as a delicate process. “We are careful about how much we grow,” Nestmann details. “We always want to have the level of oversight and involvement that maintains our clients’ expectations and quality. We have been growing consistently but organically.” As the company grows, Nestworks Construction will continue to honor the spirit of the past through renovation while simultaneously crafting custom-built homes for the future. For Nestworks the future is two-fold. The past can be preserved, but the future is also filled with custom, modernized homes that are built for longevity. Whether building a new, contemporary home or renovating a historic one, Nestworks will continue to balance integrity, transparency, quality, and value to provide exceptional services to all of its clients. SEPTEMBER 2021