The Construction Source

SEPTEMBER 2021 According to Paul Gray, Project Manager, The Rise was “designed with sustainability and energy efficiency in mind from the start.” “Most of the decisions made about the construction – from lighting and appliances, to the overall structure – reflect the goal of creating a sustainable and energy-efficient development,” he says. Another major appeal of The Rise is the community – Bridgwater is the fastestgrowing neighborhood in Winnipeg and, once completed, will have a population of more than 20,000 residents. It will also be stocked with an array of exciting amenities, including boutiques, retailers and restaurants. The Altea Active fitness facility, located directly across from The Rise, is already complete and features 80,000 square feet of cardio and conditioning equipment, dedicated family friendly areas with saltwater pools, and a focus on holistic health – it’s the first fitness facility of its kind in Winnipeg. Bridgwater also features nature in abundance, with neighborhoods designed to showcase the beauty of nature year-round. The community is filled with stunning lakes, mature forests, and green spaces, along with kilometres of walking paths and pedestrian bridges. That connection to nature is another significant selling point. StreetSide was attracted to Bridgwater for all those reasons, but it also helped that they were familiar with the area. They had previously turned over hundreds of condominium units in the surrounding Bridgwater Forest, so they are understand the market, as well as the product type that works well there. “Bridgwater Centre is well on its way to be a vibrant commercial, residential, civic, entertainment and community-oriented development that builds on the traditions of successful downtowns and other town centres,” Paul says. “We knew