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All the best, The Editorial Team We will keep adding business units that enhance our offering and separate us from our competition. “ ” Editor From The Dear Reader, Welcome to the latest issue of Construction Source Canada, the magazine that highlights the best in building and building products across the country. With this edition, we close the chapter on 2023. It was a busy year for the companies featured in our last 12 edition, as supply chains have normalized postpandemic and the looming housing crisis has intensified. In this edition, we’ve highlighted many companies who are doing their part to address that growing crisis: NAI Advent, the company on our cover, is a prime example. They are a progressive, full-service real estate brokerage firm located in Calgary. According to Harvey Russell, Senior Vice President and Principal, that Calgary home base means NAI Advent is in an opportune position to capitalize on the booming housing industry. He talked to us about why Calgary is “the best market in Canada right now,” and what makes NAI Advent so well-positioned to service that market with quality apartment buildings. Also featured in this issue is Villamar Construction, an awardwinning design-builder of of luxury homes and renovations in the Victoria Capital Region. Over their 17-year-history, they have become well-known in their region for the quality of their workmanship and customer service, and that reputation is reflected in the amount of industry awards they have won. We caught up Duane Ensing, Principal Designer, and Kenny Toews, Site Manager, to talk about some of those awards and the projects that won them. Also featured within is Penn-co Construction, a leader in the Manitoba construction industry since 1959. Throughout their 60-plus-year history, they have been committed to creating safe, inclusive, and thriving communities, and that commitment is now stronger than ever as the need for those communities is growing. To find out how Penn-co is meeting that need and what’s powered their company’s continuous growth, we spoke with Dan Reimer, President, Dan Bickerton, Vice President, and Zeb Hudon, Senior Project Manager. For more stories like those – stories of community building, award victories, and continuous improvement – just keep flipping the pages. Until next year – have a happy holiday season, and thank you for reading!

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DECEMBER 2023 VILLAMAR CONSTRUCTION The right thing every time PENN CO CONSTRUCTION A legacy of positive change CREVIER MANCINI LEESWOOD The right people in the right places RWH CONSTRUCTION Taking care of everything NAI ADVANT Capitalizing on the Affordable Real Estate Market in Calgary PHOENIX GLASS Nothing’s impossible TERRAPRO INC. Aligned with clients PACIFIC FLO MECHANICAL A proactive approach SCHOUTEN Nothing in your way FRONTIER HOMES QUINTE Brings ENERGY STAR Certification to Custom Home Building JANNATEC TECHNOLOGIES The Jannatec promise STRONGWOOD CONSTRUCTION Medicine Hat’s Premier Renovator VT CONTROLS Makes Technology Accessible With Excellent INDUSTRY INNOVATIONS INCINERATING TOILETS IN THIS ISSUE DECEMBER 2023 JANNATEC TECHNOLOGIES FRONTIER HOMES QUINTE



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The right thing every time

Villamar Construction is an award-winning design-builder of luxury homes and renovations in the Victoria Capital Region. Armed with both design and construction divisions, they have the capacity to guide clients through every stage of their project, from concept to completion.

At every step along the way, they are passionate about getting the details right and they are committed to acting with integrity and transparency. Their mission is not only to create an exceptional quality product, but also an exceptional client experience. “When we say integrity and client experience, we mean it,” says Kenny Toews, Site Manager. “From start to finish and beyond, we welcome our clients into the Villamar family as we journey together to build them the perfect home. No matter how complex or straightforward, whether new build or renovation, we stay true to these core values by doing the right thing – every time.” “We know how important our homes are to their clients,” adds Duane Ensing, Principal Designer. “We know in a lot of cases, it’s one of the biggest investments they will make in their lives. That’s why at Villamar, every home is tailormade with intentionality and thoughtfulness, as though it were our own. Each project presents a unique opportunity to partner with our clients to craft the home of their dreams. Our award-winning team ensures that at every step your build is executed with precision and care – to ensure the result is as breathtaking as when it was first imagined.” Villamar was first established in 2006 by Dan Schuetze, the company’s founder and president. He started with “not much more than a pick-up truck, a pouch, and a single house to construct,” according to Duane. In the years since, the company has evolved from those humble beginnings into a company with multiple divisions, including Villamar Construction, Villamar Design, and Villamar Technical Services – the latter of which is one of the leading telecom contractors in Western Canada. Duane credits Villamar’s steady growth primarily to Dan’s “passion for quality, attention to detail, and his integrity” – DECEMBER 2023


he says “those are the main values that Dan instilled in the company and they are how we have gotten to where we are today.” For his part, Duane comes back a deep background in architectural drafting and landscape design. He joined Villamar in 2015 after being invited to join by Mike Edwardson, one of the company’s owners. Kenny, meanwhile, is a Red Seal carpenter who’s been around construction almost all his life. He joined Villamar in 2018 after moving to Vancouver Island and similarly being invited by Mike. He remembers first being shown around the office: “Mike showed me around, he showed me what everyone was doing, and I got a real sense of the culture,” Kenny recalls. “I got a sense for the teamwork, I saw some of the projects – Villamar was doing some really cool stuff – and I really wanted to be a part of it.” Today, Villamar continues to do cool projects. Those projects can range widely in size and scope, from small renovations to high end new homes and commercial tenant improvements, but what they all have in common is a passionate client. According to Duane, that’s what Villamar primarily looks for in their work – they look for clients who care about quality and clients who share their ethics and values. “Fortunately, I think those are the kind of clients we naturally attract,” Duane says. “The people who care about quality and integrity are the people who tend to come our way.” DECEMBER 2023


Industry recognized Since forming 17 years ago, Villamar has become wellknown in their region for the high standard of both their quality workmanship and their customer service. Over the years, that quality has been consistently recognized by clients in the form of glowing testimonials, repeat business and word of mouth. In addition, the company’s quality has also been recognized by their peers in the industry, in the form of industry awards and accolades from bodies including the Victoria Builders Association (VRBA) and the Canadian Home Builders Association of British Columbia (CHBA BC). Over the years, at both the CHBA BC’s Georgie Awards, and the VRBA’s Construction Achievements and Renovations of Excellence (CARE) Awards, Villamar has been finalists and winners in a long list of categories. Most recently, at the 2023 Georgie Awards, the company won ‘Best Master Suite – Over $125,000.’ DECEMBER 2023


“That means a lot to us,” says Kenny of that award recognition. “It means we’ve succeeded at our goal of meeting the needs and desires of our clients. It means everyone who worked on the job got on board with our vision and delivered a high level of quality.” “It gives everyone who was involved the chance to take a moment and acknowledge that they did a great job,” he adds. “But at the same time, none of us are going ‘Okay, now we’ve arrived.’ We all want to push forward. After we’re done celebrating, the next question we always ask ourselves is ‘How can we do even better? Is there a way we can be even more effective?’ We’ve done some really cool stuff, and we’re always saying ‘Next time, let’s do this.’ The awards are a chance to give ourselves a pat on the back, but they also motivate us to do even better in the future.” The 2023 Georgie awardwinning project was a renovation they called ‘Contemporary Classic,’ located on Garden Gate Drive in Central Saanich. Kenny recalls the prior state of that home. From the outside, he says it “looked phenomenal – it looked like a classic.” The inside, meanwhile, “was straight out of a gaudy Italian mafia movie.” “Right from the outset, the clients had some really great ideas about modernizing it,” he says. “They had some great ideas about how to blend what was already there with some newer style. Their vision was very cool, and they allowed Duane and his team to be really creative. That was exciting.” Duane, for his part, recalls DECEMBER 2023

that the clients didn’t want to change the exterior much at all – which he was happy with, as he too remembers first driving up to the site and being amazed. He was less amazed with the interior, however, and was happy to be given “pretty much free reign.” “We wanted to keep the kitchen pretty much in the same area, but that was about it,” he says. “There were a few rooms that made us scratch our heads and wonder ‘Why does it look like that?’ We would walk through the house and say ‘I can’t believe people lived here.’” “It was always a beautiful house, but I think now it’s a beautiful house and I think anyone would want to live there,” he adds. “The transformation was really incredible,” Kenny says. “The before and after pictures are very different, and I think the after pictures are spectacular.” Duane and Kenny break down some of the differences: “Before, when you first walked through the front door, you were confronted by this horrible water feature,” Duane says. “We transformed it into a modern water feature area. It now has a really nice simple aesthetic coming in, and then that simplicity was maintained throughout the design of the rest of the house.” “We took two rooms and turned them into one,” he adds. “We removed a few walls. We made the travel patterns through the house a lot better.” “One of the key things we did is we took all the furnaces that were in mechanical rooms and we put them into the crawlspace,” Kenny says. “That opened up some additional areas. That allowed us to add a butler’s pantry to the kitchen, THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE CANADA

which is extremely functional; it allows the clients to have all their appliances in a side room.” “There was also a furnace in the primary bedroom,” he adds. “We moved that to the crawlspace, so now they have an expansive walk-in dressing room.” The primary bedroom also has an upgraded bathroom, Kenny says. They installed an automated toilet that opens and lights up when someone approaches, and when they walk away it automatically closes. “In addition, there was also a man-cave above the garage that looked like a 1912 English pub,” he says. “It was an awesome man-cave but totally not modern. We turned that into a gym for them and made a nanny suite for their nanny.” The finished product was not only well received by Villamar’s peers in the industry – the feedback from the client was also extremely positive. Duane and Kenny agree that the client reaction was even more rewarding than the industry accolade. They credit that enthusiastic feedback partly to the quality of the design, and partly to the performance of Villamar’s team on site. And they don’t limit their praise to the people who were there working for Villamar directly. They also commend the performance of the subcontractors and suppliers who participated. Villamar has been working with the majority of those partners for many years now, but several they worked with for the first time on that project: “Our project manager did a phenomenal job of bringing people on site who would DECEMBER 2023

do well in the space,” Kenny explains. “We had of trouble with the circular staircase going up to the second level. We couldn’t find someone who could properly refinish it. But our project manager continued to look for the right person, and eventually she found the person who originally installed it. That person was retired, but their son was working in the business, so he came with his son and refinished the staircase that he installed in 1992.” Moving forward, the goal for Villamar Design and Villamar Construction is to continue finding and working with skilled partners like him – while also maintaining their relationships with their existing partners, some of which go back decades. Together, they will strive to continue delivering projects like Contemporary Classic on Garden Gate Drive – i.e. projects that are exciting and challenging, projects where the clients are passionate about quality and open to innovation, and projects where the finished product is award-worthy. As the company progresses, they will also look to continue growing, according to Duane. As part of that growth, they intend to take on some more of their own developments: “We still want to build single family homes for clients, but at the same time we’re looking to develop more,” Duane explains. “We’re looking at land acquisition opportunities. We’ve done some townhouse projects before and we’re looking to do some more. We’re looking at maybe doing some condos. We’re looking at acquiring a parcel and subdividing it, maybe building two houses. We’re considering all our options for the future.” Lastly, as they grow, Villamar THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE CANADA

Lastly, as they grow, Villamar also intends to continue embracing new technologies and innovations. For example, they are currently evaluating the potential of 3D printing in order to produce some specific design and construction items that are hard to find. Duane admits that they haven’t quite figured it out yet, but they are in the process of experimenting now and they see a lot of promise. “I think there’s an opportunity to be really creative there,” Duane says. “We’re not afraid of exploring opportunities like that. A lot of builders don’t like to try new things, but we’re not one of them. If there’s a better way to do something, we’re going to look into it. I think that’s one more thing that makes Villamar special.” DECEMBER 2023

For more on Villamar Design and Villamar Construction and everything they have to offer – and to get in touch with their expert design and build team, including Duane and Kenny – visit and THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE CANADA

A legacy of positive change

Penn-co Construction has been a leader in the Manitoba construction industry since 1959. Throughout their 60-plus-year history, they have been committed to creating safe, inclusive, and thriving communities.

Their founding belief is that the successful community building goes beyond physical construction, so their work focuses on improving the social and economic well-being of the communities they serve. As a result, they have created a legacy of positive change in communities all across their province and beyond. “At Penn-co Construction, our mission is to provide exceptional construction services that exceed our clients’ expectations,” says Dan Reimer, President. “We strive to achieve this by delivering high-quality workmanship and maintaining open and transparent communication throughout every project. Our goal is to be recognized as a leader in the construction industry, respected for our commitment to safety, sustainability, and customer satisfaction.” “We are dedicated to building long-lasting relationships with our clients, partners, and employees, and we are passionate about construction projects that enhance the communities in which we work.” Penn-co was first established more than 60 years ago by Abram K. Penner and his ambitious and entrepreneurial sons. The company began as a small farm-based logging operation near the village of Blumenort, which is approximately 30 miles southeast of Winnipeg. From the start, however, Abram’s sons “sought to prove their capabilities to themselves and the world,” and the company swiftly expanded, undertaking major construction projects in remote northern Canadian areas and urban centers including Toronto, Calgary, and Minneapolis. Although their head office has always been in Blumenort, the company’s impact has always spanned a vast geographic area Dan Reimer joined Pennco in 1988, initially as a superintendent before moving the office as a project manager in 1999. Since taking over as DECEMBER 2023


president, he has upheld the Penners’ legacy by driving Pennco forward with a vision towards excellence and growth. Under his leadership, the company has consistently expanded their territory while steadily adding more employees, equipment, technology, and projects. Today, Penn-co works primarily within Western Canada and in all of Nunuvut. At the same time, Reimer says the company is “growth-oriented,” which means they are not afraid to travel further afield. “Our work locations are vast and given the opportunity and challenge there is no place we wouldn’t go,” says Dan Bickerton, Vice President, who joined Penn-co in 2006. “Our diverse project locations have created numerous logistical challenges, all which are accepted by our exceptional teams of employees. We’re made to think outside the box and provide our customers with the product and delivery that’s become expected of contractors.” When it comes to their capabilities, Penn-co specializes is schools, hospitals, water and sewage treatment facilities as well as civil and industrial work. Again, though, their enthusiasm for growth and learning means they are willing to take on new challenges. “Our company has become comfortable with the uncomfortable,” Bickerton says. “As mentioned above, our market has typically been in schools, water treatment, hospitals, et cetera – but we’re now exploring new opportunities as they arise. Project values aren’t really relevant. We look for projects that others may shy away from DECEMBER 2023

or have potential challenges. Building unique facilities and bettering communities that have previously struggled to get a school, hospital, or a water treatment plant is extremely gratifying to us.” Zeb Hudon joined the company in 2013, and since them has worked his way up from project coordinator, to project manager, to senior project manager. When it comes to Penn-co’s delivery methodologies, he says they are flexible: “We have had a lot of success with design-bid-build projects over the years; however we have also successfully delivered a growing number of design-build and construction management projects in the recent past. In the last several years we have seen construction management projects quickly gain popularity, and we have been quick to adapt to meet those needs and bolster our expertise in order to provide the owner and communities impacted with the utmost value while maximizing the benefits the projects can provide to them.” In general, Penn-co’s flexibility and adaptability is a big factor in what sets them apart. They are not only adaptable when it comes to project types and delivery methodologies, they are also quick to adapt when they face challenges – for example, when they are building remote areas that are difficult to access. “Few contractors have the experience building in the logistically-challenged areas that have become the norm for us,” says Bickerton. “Our years of shipping by ice road, plane, ships, trains, et cetera, prove to the communities that we work THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE CANADA

in that there is nothing that we won’t do to complete a project for them.” “Dan hit the nail on the head with respect to the challenges faced on a regular basis for us during remote projects,” adds Hudon. “Working in remote communities over the years has forced everyone on the Penn-co team to become highly talented problem solvers – which is a skillset that translates to every aspect of construction and provides a significant amount of value to project teams.” At the same time, it’s important to note that Penn-co’s growth is not restricted to remote areas of Canada. According to Bickerton, they have also become one of the “go-to” contractors in the south – and according to Hudon, their experience in the north is valuable there as well. “Our experience and our ability to problem-solve has worked very well for us as we experience major growth in southern markets closer to home,” Hudon says. “That expertise allows us to accomplish more with less in many cases, while also bringing to the table creative and outside the box solutions.” Penn-co Construction is also set apart, Bickerton believes, by their customer service – which he calls “the pillar of all projects and their success,” as well as something “we try daily to get better at all aspects of.” “Construction and its processes are inherently confusing,” he explains. “We try extremely hard to take the confusion out of it by attempting to include all participants in the ongoing construction. We’ve also hired a ‘warranty coordinator,’ who at post project is on staff solely to aid and respond to any questions and concerns of the build.” “It’s never our intention to just build and leave,” he adds. “Over our six decades of building, we think we’ve proven that. It’s always been our model to aid at the forefront as projects are being planned and designed, regardless of whether we’re ultimately awarded the project or not. We have a staggering amount of expertise in our offices. Architects, engineers, and owners are all aware that they can lean on us for truthful and experienced answers to any construction questions they may have.” Again, Hudon stresses that Penn-co’s goal is to “bring value” to every project they work on – not just value for themselves, but value for all project stakeholders: “Whether it be work in the north or south, we value the opportunity to bring a solution to life that satisfies our customers’ needs, ensuring that everyone from the maintenance staff to the occupants, staff and other project stakeholders all receive value from the project,” he says. “To that end, our involvement on a project extends far beyond just the erection of a structure, and we try to maximize the value and opportunities for the communities we are building in.” “In many cases, our customers see the projects we are tasked with as large economic drivers for their community. We try to maximize that benefit to them through the use of local resources and value the opportunity to assist local community groups, activities, sports teams, and events.” DECEMBER 2023

Winners on all sides Currently, Penn-co Construction employs approximately 500 staff. Many of those staff members are longstanding – most of the company’s leadership team, for example, started as employees over a decade ago before moving up through the ranks. Bickerton credits that retention to a variety of factors: “We understand that we ask a lot of our employees,” he says. “In turn, we pay above-average wages and we offer flexible time off and some of the best benefits available.” “It’s important to ensure employees always feel challenged and rewarded, and Penn-co has done an amazing job at that. We truly believe in growth from within and practice that daily by offering courses and mentorship to ensure every employee can achieve the best form of themselves.” “Speaking from my own experience, the culture at Pennco is one of collaboration and THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE CANADA

opportunity – and while that can sometimes be challenging, it has always been very rewarding and something that I have valued greatly,” adds Hudon. “Anytime I have ever wanted to pursue additional training or education it has been received very positively. That desire to see employees grow has translated into many individuals building out skillsets that allow us to tackle new and exciting projects and initiatives.” Over the years, Penn-co has also developed longstanding relationships with a “massive list of trusted subcontractors,” Bickerton says. He also says those partners have played a key role in the “well-rounded growth that we’re enjoying.” “Penn-co’s growth is a direct result of participation and buyin from our professional trade partners. We’ve enjoyed seeing our subcontractors grow with us and accept many of the challenges in working in our fast-paced environment.” “Many of our tradespeople are true ‘Penn-co believers,’” he adds. “They accept the challenges, they are treated very well, and we provide a diverse workload of projects that they can be proud of and they can continue to grow by doing.” Penn-co has built similarly strong and mutually-beneficial relationships with suppliers and manufacturing groups, according to Hudon. He says they often receive feedback from those partners saying they enjoy working with Penn-co “as situations are handled fairly and problems are approached collaboratively to ensure we can put a winning solution on the table for all parties.” DECEMBER 2023

“I believe that this desire to make winners on all sides has significantly helped us maintain these strong relationships,” he says. “We look forward to what the future brings with many of these talented and knowledgeable groups.” Recently, Penn-co’s home province of Manitoba has embarked on a significant healthcare initiative. Penn-co has earned the opportunity to be the Construction Managers on two of the major projects relating to that initiative: the Boundary Trails Health Care Expansion, and the Bethesda Hospital Expansion. Hudon says they are proud of all the projects they do, but those are particularly exciting because of the opportunity to showcase their expertise in construction management and healthcare work. “Both projects are complicated with multiple additions and extensive renovations to the existing facilities,” he says. “However, after over a year of pre-construction, we are seeing both projects advance quickly. We’re seeing the fruits of our labour in the planning stages paying off.” “It’s always very gratifying when we pull off a seeminglyimpossible schedule,” adds Bickerton. “It gives us a lot of pride when our groups band together to ‘build the impossible.’ That always leaves us hungry for the next opportunity.” Moving forward, Penn-co Construction is highly motivated to tackle whatever challenges and opportunities next arise. Hudon says that motivation is what makes the company exciting to be a part of: “Dan Reimer is one of those owners that is always interested in a new challenge and seeing growth in the company, which leads to new and exciting opportunities for us around every corner,” he says. “Our recent explosive growth in the southern markets along with the far north is a testament to that THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE CANADA

will to grow, while doing so responsibly.” As they have grown, Penn-co has also invested heavily in technology. Hudon says they have worked hard keep up with all the technological advancements that have happened over the last decade – advancements including building information modelling (BIM), AI-aided software and equipment and tool and equipment enhancements. Looking forward, he says the company will continue to explore those technologies and the benefits they provide to clients. Penn-co will also continue to grow, and grow at a fast pace, according to Dan Bickerton and Dan Reimer: “With our group of dedicated staff, subtrades and suppliers our potential for growth is astonishing and sometimes a little overwhelming,” Bickerton says. “We’re committed to supplying the best products we can in an ongoing effort to better communities across Canada. Our construction growth has no limits, and we welcome the opportunity for any projects to showcase who we are and what can be done with collaborative efforts.” “Our vision is to work in all regions of Canada and beyond,” Reimer concludes. “We want to build strong vibrant communities where people can live up to their dreams and aspirations. Using many forms of exciting new technologies and building on a culture of innovation, the future is bright not just for the company, but also the employees who are building their careers with us.” Architectural Hardware • Automatic Door Operators Access Control Systems • Operable Walls • Wall Protection Hollow Metal/ Wood Doors & Frames Lockers • Consulting & Specifications Toilet Partitions & Washroom Accessories • Installation & Service Proud Partner 14 LOCATIONS IN CANADA (204) 688-1000 • DECEMBER 2023

For more on Penn-co Construction, their range of services, their past projects, and their mission and values – and to get in touch with their expert team – visit THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE CANADA

Crevier Mancini Construction and Leeswood Design Build are two of Québec and Ontario’s leading providers of general contracting services. Crevier Mancini Construction has been serving the province of Québec since 2003, specializing in multi-residential, industrial, commercial, interior fit-ups and custom homes. Leeswood, has been operating since 1992, providing high quality designbuild services and delivering successful projects across Canada. Over the years, both companies have grown on the back of repeat business and have developed reputations as industry leaders in quality, innovation, and customer service. In 2021, leaders from both Crevier Mancini and Leeswood came together and decided to combine their expertise. Together they founded Crevier Mancini Leeswood Construction, a top construction company catering to the Québec and Ottawa markets. The two companies first worked togetherontheFordDistribution Facility in Casselman, Ontario, a moderate 530,000-squarefoot facility valued at roughly $80 million. Since completing that project, Crevier Mancini Leeswood has grown and expanded rapidly, according to Francesca Mancini, one of the company’s three founders and partners. “Within our two years together as a group, we have landed over $350 million of work, and have grown our team exponentially,” Francesca says. “We started off with just three people in the office and grew to about 15 people in the office and over 25 people on site.” Francesca believes one of the main drivers of the company’s rapid growth is the experience of their leaders. The company was co-founded by Francesca herself, her business partner’s Emmanuel Crevier, and Domenic Fabiano, all industry veterans backed by decades of experience and strong relationships with local industry stakeholders. The right people in the right places DECEMBER 2023


Francesca, for instance, has worked for multiple large general contractors and developers in the greater Montreal area. Over the course of her career, she has been involved in all aspects of the construction business, from pre-construction, to design, leasing, construction, and property management. Over the past 15 plus years, she has been a part of many industrial projects, office fit-ups, and large commercial projects, and has built strong relationships with a long list of clients, industry suppliers, and subtrades. Emmanuel is a highly skilled tradesperson who has mastered all aspects of construction from the ground up. Over the course of his 25-plus-years in the industry, he has built mid to high-end custom homes, large commercial and industrial projects, interior fit-ups and more. Before starting Crevier Mancini Construction and teaming up with Francesca, he also ran a successful drywall company. To this day, Francesca says he’s “on site and in his construction boots 95 per cent of the time,” which is rare for a partner in a large construction company. “Having a partner with boots on the ground really makes a difference in construction,” Francesca says. “He sees what’s going on at all times and ensures that the quality we expect is being delivered. His personal involvement has really helped us grow.” Domenic has more than 35 years’ experience in the construction and real estate development sectors, and throughout his career has developed and constructed over 20 million square feet of industrial facilities, mixed use office buildings, residential and DECEMBER 2023

commercial projects. He’s an expert in conducting extensive due diligence in geotechnical and environmental requirements. He has also been involved in managing ministry approvals, utility connectivity and has a trusted network of subtrades, suppliers, and professionals. “All three of us came to the table with really good reputations in the construction industry, and we brought with us a lot of really strong professional and personal relationships,” Francesca explains. “We were also fortunate to join forces at a time when several of our excolleagues became developers. They had worked with us in the past at our past employers, so they knew what we’re capable of providing as expertise, they trusted us, and they gave us their work.” “Of course, we had to prove ourselves,” she adds. “That’s exactly what we did. We started with one project and our growth has spiralled from there.” Another key member of the Crevier Mancini Leeswood team is Tony Lucadamo, their Vice-President of Estimation and Design. Francesca also shares credit for the company’s swift success with him: “Tony brings an extreme wealth of knowledge to the estimation side of the company, and his relationships with subtrades have been invaluable,” Francesca says. “Those relationships have had a huge impact on our business. He’s been a key contributor for us.” Speaking of relationships with trades, Francesca further credits the rapid growth of Crevier Mancini Leeswood to their talented team of THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE CANADA

subcontractors and suppliers: “We’ve been successful because we’ve hired the right trades,” she explains. “Our alliances are extremely important. We work with key trades in the industry, and we work hard to match the right trades to the right jobs. Over our many years in the industry, we’ve built some longstanding relationships with our trades. We know what they’re good at, what their teams are capable of, and what projects are right for them, to serve our clients expectations.” “Domenic has relationships with trades going back over 35 years, Emmanuel over 20 years, and I started over 15 years ago,” she adds. “I am still dealing with some of the same trades that I made my first phone calls to when I started in this business.” One example of a long-lasting alliance is with Métautek – one of Québec’s industry leaders when it comes to the design, manufacture, and installation of wrought-metal works and metal structures. Métautek has been operating since 1986, and in all that time they have remained committed to the success of each project they undertake. Over the years, their technology and capabilities have evolved considerably – they now operate from a 48,000-squarefoot plant, they are supported by a dedicated team of more than 75 employees, and their automated assembly line allows them to process more than 12,000 tons of steel per year – but their commitment to clients has always remained the same. According to Francesca, that kind of consistency is what Crevier Mancini Leeswood Construction values in their alliances. She reiterates that their ability to rely on Métautek and alliances like them has played a key role in facilitating their growth. DECEMBER 2023

Different challenges Inrecentmonths,CrevierMancini Leeswood has completed two large industrial buildings developed by Rosefellow, whose co-founders are Sam Tsoumas and Mike Jager. The first being a 250,000-squarefoot industrial building for Sleep Country Canada and Steve Madden Canada, and the second being a 320,000 square foot industrial building located in Beauharnois, Quebec. Currently under construction is a third industrial building in Beauharnois, measuring 420,000-square-feet. “Sam and Mike gave us our first project; they had the opportunity to bid on the Ford Distribution Facility and trusted us to work with them,” Francesca says. “This was a huge success for both our companies when we were awarded the contract.” “We pulled off a tight schedule on that distribution facility, and there were a lot of surprises along the way,” Francesca recalls. “We worked through THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE CANADA


those challenges efficiently and collaboratively, and at the end of the day we delivered the project on time. I believe that really earned the client’s trust, and that’s why they are a repeat client.” Very recently, Crevier Mancini Leeswood also broke ground on a new 206,000-squarefoot data centre for Cologix, located in the Technoparc of Ville Saint Laurent. The project, called MTL-8, represents one of Cologix’s greenest and most sustainably designed data centers to date. It will be a LEED Gold certified facility and will use renewable energy power from Hydro Québec to reduce overall impact on the environment. “We love it when we get the opportunity to do sustainable projects,” Francesca says. “They are complex and bring different challenges. Helping reduce our carbon footprint is important to us, and that makes this project very exciting.” This project is also exciting, she adds, because it’s their first Data Centre, so it means the world that the client is putting their trust in them: “To be chosen for this project is an honor for us,” she says. “We had to build a relationship with the client. We showed them what we could do, we demonstrated we had the resources, we said ‘we can do this’ – and they chose us.” Moving forward, the vision for Crevier Mancini Leeswood is to continue taking on different challenges, including more large industrial projects, data centers, and multi-residential projects (they currently have 166 apartment units under construction for Legacy Development Group). By THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE CANADA

proving themselves on those projects, they hope to continue growing and expanding at a steady rate. “We don’t want to take on too much too fast,” she explains. “I think it’s very important that we put the right players in the right places in our company first. We’re never going to take on a project if we don’t think we can execute it properly. Our name and reputation are too important to us. We’ve always counted on repeat business, and we never want to jeopardize that.” “We want to grow, but at a realistic pace,” she sums up. “We want to take on jobs we know we can deliver to a very high standard, and we want to build longstanding repeat relationships with our clients as a result.” A REASSURING PRESENCE FROM COAST TO COAST DECEMBER 2023

For more on Crevier Mancini and Leeswood Construction, visit their website at www. You can also learn more about both Crevier Mancini and Leeswood Construction at their individual websites, at and THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE CANADA

Taking care of everything

RWH Construction is a full-service custom build and design company servicing Ontario’s Kawartha Lakes and surrounding areas. Their company was founded over 20 years ago, but their founder Bob Hayter has been doing renovations and building custom homes and cottages in the area since 1975

DURABLE AND LOW-MAINTENANCE VINYL AND HYBRID CONSTRUCTION AVAILABLE IN PREMIUM FINISHIELD LAMINATE COLOURS SLEEK, LOW-PROFILE HARDWARE DESIGN ENERGY-EFFICIENT DUAL-PANE AND TRI-PANE LOW-E GLASS OPTIONS 26% LOWER PROFILE FRAME INCREASES GLASS AREA UP TO 22% BETTER ENERGY EFFICIENCY EMBRACE THE FUTURE WITH JELD-WEN® OF CANADA’S MOST ENERGY-EFFICIENT WINDOW As climate change brings more extreme weather across Canada, the demand for energy-efficient products that can stand up to the elements is higher than ever. JELD-WEN® of Canada proudly introduces the groundbreaking JWC8500 series window—a perfect blend of style, performance, and energy savings, meticulously engineered to exceed customer expectations. DECEMBER 2023

Let your customers discover the advantages of JELD-WEN of Canada’s most energy-efficient window. 2030-rated to meet Canada’s U-Factor 0.14 (U.S./I-P) / 0.82 (Metric/SI) or ER 44 building codes, these industry-leading windows are designed to significantly reduce energy costs while ensuring year-round comfort in homes. Tailored to meet the regional needs of homeowners, our windows are the perfect fit for professionals and homeowners across Canada, seamlessly blending functionality and style to suit any project. SAVE UP TO $250 PER ROUGH OPENING LOWER PROFILE FRAME INCREASES GLASS AREA 26% UP TO 22% BETTER ENERGY EFFICIENCY 22% UP TO 21% SOUND REDUCTION WITH TRI-PANE 21% $250 GRANT GREENER HOMES Discover the JWC8500 series window from JELD-WEN of Canada—and let your builds be the future of home comfort. LEARN MORE TODAY THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE CANADA

Over those years, he has passed his depth of knowledge and expertise onto his sons, Ryan and Adam, who lead RWH today in accordance with their father’s service-oriented values. Together, they have consistently grown and strengthened the company in terms of both size and reputation, and they have become well known for delivering high quality projects while providing customers with a stress-free building experience along the way. “We take care of everything,” says Ryan Hayter, co-owner of the company. “We employ the experts for the architecture as well as the design and building. When we work together, clients can be sure that their wishes, needs, and concerns will be met and their expectations exceeded.” When Ryan says RWH takes care of ‘everything,’ he means everything from design and drawings, to BCIN licensed drawings, permits for building, conservation authority, septic permits, interior design, flooring, cabinetry, counter, tile, trim packages, plumbing fixtures, and door hardware. From conception-tocompletion, they are there for clients every step of the way. “By keeping everything inhouse, we have more eyes on the project,” he explains. “Having more people who are aware of the proceeding of your home leaves us more confident that everything is being addressed thoroughly.” Ryan is the oldest of Bob’s sons and has always had a love for construction. After graduating college with a degree in civil engineering, he worked for several years with a large industrial construction company as a superintendent, before joining forces with his dad in 2002. Since then, RWH has grown from a team of only a few people to a team of 40. They have also moved into a combined office-showroomand-design centre in Fenelon Falls. DECEMBER 2023


Today, equipped with that team and working out of that design centre, RWH Construction is proud to be a full service firm, with services encompassing everything from design, to supply, project management, and building. They even employ their own interior designer, and they have a showroom with an extensive selection of samples to help clients choose and coordinate all design aspects of their build. Within that showroom, clients can view all finishes from hardwood to tile, kitchen samples with colours alongside backsplashes and mouldings, and the company’s interior designer will work with them to help make decisions. In terms of projects, RWH works on custom homes and cottages of virtually all scopes and sizes – for example, they are currently building one home that comprises roughly 1,200 square feet, and another that comprises over 7,000 square feet. (They also do some renovations and additions, though those tend to be substantial renovations and additions.) According to Ryan, clients within that niche are usually drawn to RWH Construction by their full service offering: “The main thing that sets us apart is we take care of everything,” he reiterates. “We take care of all the design work, we acquire all the permits, we have our own excavation equipment, we do all our own concrete work, we do all the framing and exterior and interior finishes in-house. On site, we have supervisors who make sure the projects go smoothly, and in the office we have managers who make sure all the materials are on site and the communication with everyone involved is strong.” DECEMBER 2023

Again, Ryan says that by selfperforming so much of their own work, the company can ensure they are being thorough and details that are important to the client aren’t being overlooked. He also says that self-performing helps ensure they get projects done on time and on budget: “We can set our own schedule, and we can set our own quality standards,” he explains. “We’re not putting ourselves at the mercy of another contractor. We know how we want things done and we know when we want them done – and by doing it ourselves we can make sure we get it done properly and on time. Also, we can keep costs down for customers that way, since we’re not middlemanning and marking up another contractor’s quotation in order to make money.” Ryan believes that clients also appreciate RWH’s approach to customer service. He describes that approach as “very transparent and collaborative.” “I always tell customers that when they choose a builder – whether they choose us or someone else – they are signing up for almost a mini-marriage for a year or two. We’re going to have to work through some problems together. Things are going to come up and we’ll have to work together to get through it.” “With us, we try to service clients on a very personal level,” he continues. “We don’t like to use a CRM or anything like that because we think it makes customers feel like they’re talking to the internet. We spend a lot of time emailing, on the phone, or with customers in person, making sure they are comfortable with everything they’re getting and the project is moving along smoothly.” THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE CANADA

Of course, a key part of servicing a customer is providing good quality. As previously mentioned, that quality is a credit to RWH’s in-house team of roughly 40 employees – many of whom are longstanding. “We have employees who were here 20 years,” Ryan says. “We have some employees who’ve been 15 years, some more who’ve been here 10 years. Those are the guys that are training our new employees and making sure they learn how to do things correctly and to our standards.” “We try to grow our employees in-house rather than hiring more seasoned guys,” he adds. “That way, they don’t get trained with any bad habits.” RWH has also built some longstanding relationships with their roster of suppliers and select trades. According to Ryan, many of those relationships also go back over a decade. As an example, RWH has been working for many years with JELD-WEN of Canada, which is an industry-leading manufacturer of windows and doors. JELD-WEN is an internationally-acclaimed company with manufacturing, distribution, and showroom locations across North America and Europe. They have over 50 years’ experience in the industry, and over those years they have built an industrywide reputation for the quality and durability of their products. Their windows and doors are also designed to meet nearly every energy performance requirement – they have been an award-winning ENERGY STAR® partner in the windows category since its establishment in 2004, with their 2023 ENERGY STAR® ‘Manufacturer of the Year’ award as well as their nomination and award in ‘Sustained Excellence’ in 2023. DECEMBER 2023