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All the best, The Editorial Team We will keep adding business units that enhance our offering and separate us from our competition. “ ” Editor From The Dear Reader, Welcome to the latest issue of Construction Source Canada, the magazine that highlights the best in building and building products across the country. The time out, we’ve taken a look at a wide variety of industry players, from architects, builders, and developers, to engineers, sign solution providers, windows and door specialists, and one company dedicated to creating housing affordability by providing shared equity mortgages to modest-income families in Ontario. EuroLine Windows are the windows and doors specialists – they are an industry-leading designer and manufacturer of high performance windows and doors with a long history in BC and a newer office in Ontario. In BC, they are a very well-known brand, and their products are well recognized for both their performance and presentation. In Ontario, the company is looking to build a similar reputation, and the early results are promising. We talked about that effort with the company’s president, Davyd Funk, as well as with their director of operations in Ontario, Ilan Muskal. CIF Construction, meanwhile, are a premium concrete and civil contractor that has been delivering projects in BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan since 1991. Throughout their long history, they have successfully operated in many sectors, but in recent years they have been particularly active in the mining industry. According to Geoff White, Project Manager, that activity has spurred the company to new heights recently. He talked to us about that growth and about some of their recent exciting projects in the sector, including their work at the Gibraltar Mines, where they were a key part of a massive expansion. Then there’s Crosier Kilgour & Partners – they are one of Canada’s structural engineering and building science consulting firms, and they have an even longer history. Over the course of their 70 years in the industry, they have contributed to some of the most prominent structures in Winnipeg and beyond. In recent years, they have expanded their capabilities with the acquisition of Integrations Designs Inc., a company that specializes in delivering high-performance buildings through building commissioning, sustainable design, and energy modelling. We caught up with a couple of the Crosier Kilgour’s principals – Haney Louka and Derek Mizak – and we discussed that acquisition, the firm’s growth in recent years, and their plans for future expansion. We also talked about some of the firm’s more interesting and challenging projects of the last few years, including the Inuit Art Centre addition to the Winnipeg Art Gallery, which now houses the largest Inuit art collection in the country. For those stories – and a lot more like them, about more industry leaders across the construction spectrum – just keep reading.

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MAY 2023

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MAY 2023 EUROLINE WINDOWS The art and practice of fenestration CIF CONSTRUCTION The people, the equipment, the know-how CROSIER KILGOUR & PARTNERS A long history and a fresh perspective CDH CARPENTRY Building a healthier future CANADIAN METAL BUILDINGS Building better buildings, building better lives FRANK + COMPANY Honesty in craftsmanship HAWK RIVER CONSTRUCTION Big city quality, small town charm PM SIGNS Full-service signage TRILLIUM HOUSING Providing a path INDUSTRY INNOVATIONS INCINERATING TOILETS IN THIS ISSUE JUNE 2023 PM SIGNS HAWK RIVER CONSTRUCTION FRANK + COMPANY



THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE CANADA Water connection not required Requires little space No odour Easy installation No frost protection needed Secure for children ash to be emptied No waste handling, only and more Bunkies, For Home, Cottages, Shops, 3 - 4 visits per hour High capacity Propane&Electric models ABOUT CINDERELLA ECO GROUP Cinderella Eco Group is a family-owned company located in the north-western coastal community of Midsund in Romsdal, with deep roots in the beautiful Norwegian fjord-landscape. We have more than 20 years’ experience with the Cinderella Incineration Toilet, a water-free, ecological solution for the management of toilet waste. Cinderella, the natural first choice for those who place high demands on quality and functionality. HIGHLIGHTS OF INCINERATION TOILETS:

MAY 2023


The art and practice of fenestration

EuroLine Windows is an industry-leading designer and manufacturer of high performance windows and doors for private residences and commercial buildings. From their offices in Delta, British Colombia, and Toronto, Ontario, they build custom windows for clients across North America and projects around the globe. Over the years, the company has earned a reputation for offering clients a seamless and responsive service, and their products have become known for both their performance and their presentation – they provide “superior thermal performance and lower energy costs without sacrificing elegance or design,” according to Davyd Funk, the company’s CEO. “Our work is specialized because every single project we produce combines the intent to design something beautiful, with the requirement that it is engineered faultlessly, with an experience that is seamless for our clients,” Davyd says. “We achieve this through the character of our people, the competence of our skill sets, both technical and technological, and never forgetting that our reputation is on the line with every project.” EuroLine Windows was formed in British Colombia in 1993, and was founded on the principles of advanced European fenestration technologies. For over 30 years, they have led the province in the production of high-performing windows and doors. They have also led the market in efficiency – even throughout the pandemic, they were able to maintain their eight-week production lead time, while many of their competitors extended up to 26 weeks. JUNE 2023


Elevating visions around glass. From the first impression to the smallest detail, our windows and doors set you apart. For a quarter century, we’ve partnered with EuroLine Windows to help you push performance higher, all the way up to Passive House. JUNE 2023

Davyd personally joined EuroLine Windows roughly three years ago, shortly after the current owners acquired the company from the founders. The owners had the vision of expanding the business and growing the brand outside BC, and they brought on Davyd – who has a deep background in the home improvement industry – to help realize that vision. Over the past three years, EuroLine Windows has definitely grown, and they have grown in multiple ways. They have expanded their product offering to include some high performance sliding doors, and they expanded geographically into Ontario – where they now have five local sales representatives, multiple local showrooms, and multiple certified crews available to handle renovations all the way up to commercial projects. “Getting into Ontario was an opportunity we definitely wanted to seize,” Davyd explains. “We’re doing that by investing in local personnel.” Ilan Muskal, Ontario Regional Director, is an example. He comes from a background in building envelopes, starting in Europe where he used to run his own company. He joined EuroLine Windows a couple years ago to help lead the company’s expansion into Ontario. He believed the brand was a good fit for the province, as local building codes were evolving and customers were really starting to prioritize energy performance. Within Ontario, EuroLine Windows has been involved in a number of exciting projects already. One example is a project they did with the University of Guelph, who were converting a Holiday Inn hotel build in 1978 into student housing. Ilan recalls that they chose to work with EuroLine Windows “partially because we actually came to them and gave them the full data about what they would gain in performance with our windows compared to THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE CANADA

the alternate current windows.” “The funny story is that when the builder went to the City of Guelph to get permits, they were not necessarily thinking about high performance too much, but then the city immediately asked them, ‘And what are you doing to improve your thermal performance for the building?’ So the builder just put the study that we gave them on the table and they got the permits.” Another exciting project was a housing project for the Indigenous community of North Bay. Ilan says he particularly enjoyed that job because of the values of the clients: “Part of Indigenous culture is working with nature, so they care a lot about energy performance,” he explains. “We care about that too, so we were a great match.” “They knew what they were looking for, and they were holding us to a pretty high standard,” Davyd adds, “but we had the product and the knowledge to meet their expectations. We ended up working really well together. Those are the kind of clients we love to service – those who are interested in building something better.” In Ontario, EuroLine Windows has also done a number of private residences – and in many cases, they have helped their clients achieve net zero and passive house standards. When it comes to clients like those, Ilan says customers don’t always start out with a lot of knowledge about energy performance, “but one of the things EuroLine Windows does beautifully is we support our clients from the beginning of the process to the end of the process.” “We call it our ‘A to Z’ approach,” he explains. “We understand the need to have proper design details, superior product, and solid installation in order to achieve the art and practice of fenestration. We are not afraid of client’s high expectations; in fact, we look forward to showing our product excellence and knowledge.” EuroLine Windows’ confidence in their product, combined with their full-service approach, has historically translated into some really longstanding relationships. In BC, Davyd says EuroLine Windows is “very well-known brand,” and that essentially “whenever there’s a high performance project, we get a shot at it.” He says that’s the kind of reputation they are now aiming to build in Ontario, and he believes they are on the right track. “We’re already seeing some repeat business in various areas,” he says. For example, he cites their recent clients in North Bay and how they are continuing to talk about future projects together. In addition, Ilan says that, to date, “every one of our commercial clients has done at least one other job with us.” “They have done at least one more, if not more than one,” he says. “That shows us that people see the value in what we offer – and they see the value immediately. It’s not taking 10 years. They are coming back to us right away.” “We believe that once you do one or two projects with a particular builder and you follow through and you do what you say, they’re going to call you back,” Davyd adds. “Because they all understand how hard it is to source fabricators who not only do the right thing, but do it when they say they’re going to do it – and that’s what we do at EuroLine Windows.” JUNE 2023

Matt. Extreme. Mattex. Lamination – state-of-the-art Continental is once again setting an example with Conti® mattex. The attractive, matte-sandy surface adds noticeable value to construction elements. It looks and feels like powder-coated aluminum. The innovative product is also impressive from a technical point of view: Conti® mattex is resistant to scratching and chemicals and is easy to clean. Equipped with proven cool colors technology and available in current trendy colors, it is the irst choice for exterior ilms, even in extreme climates. solutions/surface-materials/living-spaces/ exterior-design/exterior- ilms Anz_mattex_US.indd 1 28.06.23 15:27 THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE CANADA

INNOVATIVE BI-FOLD DOOR SYSTEMS: DESIGN AND MANUFACTURE As a specialist bi-fold hardware manufacturer, Debar designs and distributes the complete range of components for every bi-folding door requirement. 0044 1274 673547 Systems Houses Fabricators Design, develop and supply state-of-the-art, custom bi-fold door systems. Over 25 years of expertise. Above ground, bottom running aluminium system. Readily available and fabricator friendly. JUNE 2023


European innovation Today, EuroLine Windows has roughly 120 employees, and many of them are longstanding. According to Davyd, the company still employs some of their very first team members: “A number of the people who were here back in the day, when the business was first getting going, they’re still here today,” he says. “That’s one of the really neat things about this business – the amount of experience we have in the building industry. We have people who have been here 26 or 27 years.” Davyd credits that retention, primarily, to the fact that the company does work that the employees can be proud of: “We provide a really high quality product, and we’ve had a chance to do some really incredible projects,” he explains. “That feels good. It feels good to know you’re part of projects that are going to endure and stand the test of time.” “And when it comes to our service, everyone here is committed to doing the right JUNE 2023


thing,” he adds. “I think that counts to a lot for people. I think people stick around as a result. They know they’re not going to have any trouble sleeping at night. They’re going to be able to feel proud about what they did that day.” EuroLine Windows also forms longstanding relationships with their supply partners, whom they are very selective of. They consider themselves experts at finding the best systems and materials to build their products, and the relationships they have formed with their suppliers have been honed over many years. “Not only do we want the absolute best materials, we need to have a reliable supply chain that shares our commitment to quality and performance,” Davyd says. One example of such a supplier is PFG Glass – they are one of the largest manufacturers, importers, and distributors of glass products in Western Canada. EuroLine Windows highly values them for their reliability and efficiency – they have a state-of-theart manufacturing facility in Langley, which features the most advanced production lines in Canada, enabling them to meet their customers’ flat glass requirements quickly, efficiently, and at a very high level of quality. Additionally, EuroLine Windows values their customer service – despite being a large corporation, they still operate as a family business with the philosophy of putting customers first. Another example of a supplier that shares EuroLine Windows’ values is REHAU. They are a world leader in polymer solutions, and they create PVC extrusions for windows and doors that set new standards for premium performance and distinctive design. They are JUNE 2023


backed by roughly 75 years of history and boast over 170 locations around the world. Their products benefit from the highest quality materials and the most advanced technology. Yet one more example is Continental – they are also a world-leading company headquartered in Europe, with locations all across the globe. They provide a wide range of products and solutions to a variety of industries, including exterior films for building components such as windows and doors. They have been working with EuroLine Windows since 2009, and over the years they have developed a great partnership, as EuroLine Windows utilizes a wide variety of their laminates, and often they are one of their first clients to take on releases of new designs. Their partnership is built on consistency in product quality, service, and technical support, as well as delivery performance. Then there’s Debar Hardware, one of Europe’s largest independent designers, manufacturers, and distributors of bi-fold hardware and bi-fold door systems. From their home base in Bradford, England, they not only supply top-quality hardware, they go above and beyond to provide help and advice to all their customers. Much like EuroLine Windows, they are also dedicated to continuous improvement and they invest heavily in research and development so they can keep their customers advancing forward. In collaboration with those partners – and with other partners of that same calibre – EuroLine Windows’ goal now is to continue expanding, both in terms of their product offering and their geographic reach. According to Davyd, the company still has “significant room to grow.” “Currently, Ontario represents about 10 per cent of our overall business,” he explains. “So we have a tonne of space to grow there.” “Right now we manufacture everything in Delta, BC,” he says. “I would imagine that within the next two or three years, we’ll have a manufacturing facility located in eastern North America, and it’s probably going to be located in Ontario. From there, the sky’s going to be the limit as to what we can produce.” “The other thing we’re very focused on is product development,” he adds. “I believe that you can have a high performing product today, but if you want to have a high performing product tomorrow, you have to keep working on it.“ “One of our areas of focus right now is what goes into the product,” he continues. “We want to use as much recycled content as possible. That’s a big push for us. As usual, Europe is leading the way there. They’re teaching us what’s possible.” EuroLine Windows was founded with the goal of bringing European innovation to North America – so, naturally, the company’s goal now is to take what they have learned from Europe about recycled content and apply those principles domestically. “We have a product we’re going to be releasing later this year that is going to change the game in terms of recycled content,” Davyd concludes. “That’ll help us reduce what we send to landfill and it will be another good storyline to talk to people about. Hopefully, it inspires others to follow in our footsteps. Because I think if you’re trying to do the right thing as a manufacturer, then that helps your customer think about it also.” JUNE 2023

THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE CANADA For more on EuroLine Windows, their products, services, and past projects – and to get in touch with Davyd, Ilan, and the rest of their team in BC and Ontario – visit

The people, the equipment, the know-how

CIF Construction is a premium heavy civil contractor that has been delivering projects in BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan – and exceeding their clients’ expectations in the process – since 1991. Over the years, they have developed a depth of experience that is virtually unparalleled in their industry, they have built up a fleet of top-of-the-line concrete and civil equipment, and they have assembled a team of over 100 long-term, highly experienced project managers, supervisors, and skilled workers. Over time, their team has also honed and refined their communicational skills, which allows them to fully understand their clients’ goals – and then, in turn, achieve those goals beyond their expectations. “Ultimately, it is our belief that the completion of any construction project comes as a result of an entire team working closely together,” says Geoff White, Construction Manager & Company Director. “With our dedicated team and extensive equipment inventory, we are fully confident that we can complete all the concrete and civil aspects of a client’s project,” he says. “Through effective communication, management and accountability we focus on delivering every project on time, on budget, and to exceptional quality.” Throughout their over-30year history, CIF has been successfully operating in the mining, oil and gas, forestry, pulp and paper, bioenergy, wind energy, commercial and municipal industries. Their portfolio incorporates a wide variety of services, including: civil, survey, scaffolding, concrete, formworks, cellular concrete, utilities and JUNE 2023


earthworks. Geoff has been a part of CIF since 2010. In the years since, he’s witnessed the company grow and evolve significantly. When he joined, for example, the company had only recently set up their first batch plant – now they have three. Also, back then, the company did one or two large-scale projects per year – they now take on at least three-to-five large projects per year, and they have the capacity to do as many as six. Geoff partly credits that growth to the company’s decision to focus on the mining industry – “which seems like it’s been on an uptick for quite a while,” he says. “We work at gold mines and copper mines and coal mines, and there just seems to be a lot of work out there,” he explains. “And with the workforce we’ve accumulated over the years, and with the experience we’ve earned, we’re able to take on more and more of that work.” Geoff also credits the company’s growth to their policy of continuous improvement and internal investment. He says that’s been a part of the company’s ethos from the start: “The success we’ve had over the years comes from investing back in the company,” he says. “We’re always looking at ourselves internally. We’re reviewing all our processes and our infrastructure and our equipment, and we’re continually upgrading. We’re putting time and money back into the business. I think that’s been a continual part of their success. That’s something we’ve always held onto.” These days, CIF Construction takes on a “huge range” of JUNE 2023

projects, Geoff says, with values spanning from $100,000 all the way up to $60 million. They find it’s important to be diversified in order to keep their employees busy. Also, they don’t mind doing smaller jobs for existing clients, because it helps them to keep the relationships strong. No matter the size of the project, however, Geoff believes clients choose CIF for the same reasons. One of the main reasons is their depth of talent and expertise in-house. The company has well over 100 direct employees, which allows them to self-perform the majority of their work. “That’s been the goal of Jack Fomenoff – our founder and owner – ever since the beginning,” he says. “He’s always wanted to be able to control everything we do. So we try to do everything in-house. We batch our own concrete. We do our own rebar supply and placement. We do our own formwork. We do our own surveying, management, and scaffolding – there’s a long list of skills we have, and we try to put them all to work as much as we can.” Another point of difference is the company’s “client focus,” according to Geoff. He says “we try to take care of our client as best as we can,” and he believes that truly sets them apart: “There are a lot of contractors who don’t put all that much effort into working together with the client – but we try to do it as much as we can,” he explains. “We’ll make recommendations. We’ll try to find ways to make things easier for them and save them time and money.” That client focus has translated into a lot of repeat business and long-term relationships. THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE CANADA

Geoff says that there are certain mines around the province that the company works in every year, or at least every other year. “We have clients who come to us every time. Those relationships are really important to us.” CIF Construction has also built long-term relationships with team members. Geoff is a prime example, as he’s been there for roughly 13 years. He says that some of their other managers have been there even longer, with some employees exceeding 20 years with the company. “We try and take care of everybody as best we can,” he says. “We try to provide a good working environment. And it’s always been the case that we try to provide a good level of pay, too. It’s important to us that our people can make a good living. I think that goes a long way.” What also goes a long way is the company’s emphasis on health and safety. CIF is COR Certified with the BC Construction Safety Alliance (BCCSA), and they train, mentor and supervise team members to ensure they are fully engaged and incorporate safety into all their tasks. Geoff believes that safety focus is appreciated by employees and further contributes to retention. CIF Construction’s team does not just comprise their inhouse employees, however. Geoff says they also view their select roster of suppliers and subcontractors as part of their team. He says many of those relationships are just as longstanding. One long-term supplier, for example, is S2 Mechanical Ltd., a mechanical contracting JUNE 2023

company located in Prince George. S2 specializes in both the fabrication and installation of pressure piping, FRP piping, and structural steel. They also provide services in plumbing, heating and gas piping. With their fully-equipped fabrication shop and their roster of in-house quality control professionals, they are able to respond to their customers’ needs quickly and effectively. CIF highly values that reliability. CIF also highly values safety performance in their partners – and S2 Mechanical also shines in that arena. Just like CIF, they are BCCSA COR Certified, and committed to providing a safe, supportive, and healthy work environment for everyone involved in their projects. THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE CANADA

Pushing ahead As an example what CIF Construction is capable of, Geoff cites the company’s recent work at the Gibraltar Mine for Taseko Mines, a long-time client. There, CIF was part of a massive expansion, and their scope of work encompassed: installation of structural concrete foundations and grout for a variety of structures, including a new in-pit crusher and primary crusher; delivery of a mobile batch plant complete with pump and mixer trucks; and demolition of the existing primary crusher foundation, along with installation of a new crusher dump pocket to facilitate two mine trucks simultaneously. That project took place over the course of approximately 19 months and involved a volume of 37,000 square metres of concrete. At the start, he says their team worked “day and night” for three months to complete construction of the input crusher foundations. JUNE 2023


“This crusher was integral to the doubling of Gibraltar Mines production capacity,” he says. “It was a very important piece of the puzzle for that mine. Our accelerated timeline allowed the client to quickly capitalize on the forward moving price curve of copper.” Again, that project was for a longstanding client. Geoff says they have been working with Taseko Mines for a number of consecutive years. He credits the strength of that relationship not just to the quality of work they have done together, but also the trust they have built with each other from the top down. “We’ve developed personal relationships with the CEO and the general manager of the whole mining company,” Geoff explains. “They are really down-to-earth guys and they like to be hands on with their contractors. They are the kind of people we love to deal with and we’ve developed a good trust together. They can trust that we’re going to do a good job and do our best and be completely up front with everything we do.” Geoff also credits the strength of that relationship – and the strength of all their relationships, with all their repeat clients – to CIF’s unique ability to work through winters. That’s a very valuable skillset in the north of Canada, and the company has invested a lot of time, money and effort into developing it. “That’s a big deal now,” he says. “A lot of the time the work on these projects is extending into the winter, and even right through the winter. We have the equipment and the people and the know-how to handle that. That goes a long way with our clients.” “We have quite an array of hoardings and structures and heaters we use,” he explains. “We have heaters that are specific to our concrete batch plant. We have a hoarding that closes it in for the winter and keeps it working even in really low temperatures. We have people who know how to do it – they’ve done it so many times now, they’re pretty advanced at it, they know how to set up for winter.” Moving forward, CIF Construction intends to continue leveraging that advanced knowledge and experience in order to continue to take on large-scale projects, like their work on the Gibraltar Mine. In the process, they hope to continue growing at a slowbut-steady rate. “We’re happy where we’re at,” Geoff says. “We have our steady clients and our steady tradesmen. We want to maintain those relationships. We want to keep doing everything we can to look after the people we have.” “At the same time, we’re always looking at the next steps,” he concludes. “In our business it’s good to be diversified. It’s good to meet new people. So we always want to be pushing ahead. We always want to be pioneering.” JUNE 2023

For more on CIF Construction, their capabilities, their services, and their projects – including their work at the Gibraltar Mine – visit THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE CANADA

A long history and a fresh perspective

Crosier Kilgour & Partners Ltd. is one of western Canada’s leading structural engineering and building science consulting firms. Over the course of their almost-70-year history, they have contributed to some of the most prominent structures in Winnipeg and beyond. In delivering those projects, they have built a national reputation for achieving design solutions that are costeffective and durable, as well as distinctively dynamic and fresh.

In recent years, Crosier Kilgour has continued to grow their reputation while staying up to date on the latest in building technology and environmental sustainability. In 2019, as part of that effort to stay on the cutting edge, they acquired Integrated Designs Inc. (IDI), a company that specializes in delivering high-performance buildings through building commissioning, sustainable design, and energy modeling. As of January of this year, IDI has fully amalgamated into Crosier Kilgour, with all work continuing under the Crosier Kilgour name. “The acquisition brings a unique range of technical expertise that synchronizes well with Crosier Kilgour’s core services,” says Haney Louka, a principal and vice president of the firm. “Together we can better serve architects, building owners, and those in the construction industry who seek better ways to construct or model buildings sustainably,” adds Derek Mizak, principal and president of Crosier Kilgour. “Our new branding unites our two companies under one refreshed brand, and we want our industry partners to know that we are committed to the same attributes of marketleading technical excellence and forging career-long relationships that they have come to expect from Crosier Kilgour.” Derek has been with Crosier Kilgour since 1997, and he became a principal in 2008. Haney, meanwhile, joined the firm in 2003 and became a principal in 2011. Both were initially drawn to the firm due to its history and reputation, and they have both stuck around because of the calibre of projects they get to work on. In their time there, both have also seen the firm grow by leaps and bounds – when Derek first started, for example, he estimates there was only about 23 employees, and today they have roughly 100, including the firm’s 11 principals. Crosier Kilgour has grown even throughout the challenges of COVID. During the early days JUNE 2023


of the pandemic, Derek recalls that the firm was fortunate to have a “pretty large” backlog of work, and a “fair number of the projects were at the stage where they were close to the end of design or already under construction, so there wasn’t a lot that was shelved.” In recent years, Crosier Kilgour has continued to work on some pretty exciting projects. For example, they were part of the team that designed 300 Main, a 42-storey mixed-use tower that is now the tallest building in Winnipeg. They also did a number of high-profile multifamily residential apartments. Furthermore, they were involved with True North Square – a development in the heart of downtown Winnipeg consisting of two towers containing office, residential and retail space as well as a public plaza and underground parking. Another significant project was Qaumajuq, the Inuit Art Centre, which was an addition to the Winnipeg Art Gallery – and which is now home to the largest Inuit art collection in the country. According to Derek, clients of that calibre tend to choose Crosier Kilgour for “a combination of reasons.” “For one, we’re a longstanding firm in the city,” he explains. Secondly, he says, “If you drew a map of Winnipeg and you highlighted all the buildings we’ve worked, new and old alike, you’d see that we’ve touched a significant number of properties here. We either designed them originally, or we’ve done major restorations on them, or we’re currently working on them in some capacity or another. We really do fill out the map quite well. JUNE 2023

we know the properties and we know the property owners.” Furthermore, Derek says that when it comes to their technical expertise, Crosier Kilgour has a deep bench. “We’re the largest structural engineering consulting firm in the province. We know buildings front to back. From foundations to structure to cladding to the building envelope to roofing to restoration work and now sustainability consulting, commissioning, and energy modelling – we have more breadth of knowledge and experience than other local firms.” One of Crosier Kilgour’s guiding principles is that forming lasting relationships is as integral to their business as designing durable structures. Haney adds that the firm’s “longstanding tradition of relationship building” also sets them apart. And when it comes to building those relationships, he says it helps that all 11 of the firm’s principals are working engineers and actively involved in their projects: “I think clients really value that the most senior people in the company are still the ones who will go out to meet them at a property and discuss what the issues might be. They appreciate that they can talk directly to the decision makers in the company.” Clients also appreciate that Crosier Kilgour specializes in problem-solving and finding innovative solutions to design challenges. Haney believes that aptitude is especially valuable when working with clients on existing structures, which he says “can be pretty complicated.” THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE CANADA

diverse selection of construction services within all market sectors, using various delivery models including Design Build, Construction Management, Integrated Project Delivery, P3, and Stipulated Sum. leading-edge digital construction technology including the use of Building Information Modeling (BIM), Virtual Design and Construction (VDC), 3D Laser Scanning, 4D scheduling, and more! both local and national resources within our 19 offices across Canada to support your projects. Bird specializes in Institutional, Commercial, Industrial, and large Multi-family Residential construction, and offers: “Clients know that if they contact us we will find solutions to whatever issue they happen to be dealing with,” he says. “We have the experience to complete thorough investigations. Then once we identify the problem, we have the tools and technology to find practical and cost-effective solutions.” That expertise and experience also enhances their work on new structures, Derek adds: “We can take what we’ve learned and transfer the lessons over to our new designs. So the buildings we’re creating won’t have those same problems years down the line.” One more thing that clients appreciate is the depth of Crosier Kilgour’s service offering – which was already plenty deep, but got a lot deeper after acquiring IDI. The company is currently working on a large new high school in Winnipeg where most of their service offerings – structural design, building envelope design, energy modelling, and commissioning – are being utilized. “No other firm in this city would be able to provide services in all of those areas,” Derek says. JUNE 2023

A two-way street Crosier Kilgour’s partners understand that they wouldn’t be where they are without recognizing that being members of a community is a two-way street. The company continuously gives back to the community in both direct and indirect ways: “We regularly make donations toward hospital projects or large institutions that we’re involved with,” Haney notes. Haney also identified examples of contributions the company makes to improve lives in the community: “We have a great deal of respect for the local work that is done by the United Way, and we hold an annual fundraising campaign in the office to emphasize the value and importance of contributing to such causes. The company matches individual employee donations and consistently sees nearly 100 percent participation from staff.” Derek notes that Crosier Kilgour’s corporate citizenship extends to providing opportunities for students of engineering: “In 2021, we started an endowment fund through the University of Manitoba’s Engineering Access Program (ENGAP), which provides opportunities for Indigenous students through the award of annual scholarships. We support that initiative and hope to see it result in a higher number of Indigenous people entering our field of practice.” THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE CANADA

No better place In addition to building longlasting relationships with clients, Crosier Kilgour also builds long-term relationships with employees. Derek and Haney are two prime examples – Derek has been with the firm for 26 years and Haney for 20 years. Both say that kind of longevity is typical, and they credit that retention to the firm’s “family atmosphere.” “We invest a lot of effort into building culture,” Derek says. “We routinely have social events for the company. Sometimes that’s just for staff, sometimes it’s for plus-ones and sometimes it’s for entire families. We bring people together and we try to make sure that everybody has the opportunity to meet each other and know each other.” Haney admits that fostering that culture was simpler when the team was smaller, but that they have worked hard to maintain close relationships with team members even as the company grows. As part of that JUNE 2023

effort, they are currently in the process of moving into a larger office space so their team can work under one roof. “We believe that when people get to know each other it benefits everyone all around,” Haney says. “It’s easier to work with people when you know them. I think that’s a big part of our culture.” Another significant driver of retention is the typically high quality and profile of the projects that Crosier Kilgour takes on. As previously mentioned, the work being so interesting is a big part of what has retained Derek and Haney personally. Haney says that goes for all of their team members: “You can’t get this kind of project experience anywhere else. That’s a big part of what keeps people around. They are challenged. They are given as much responsibility as they can handle. They have room to grow.” “If you’re a structural engineer and you want to design buildings, there’s no better place in the city to be,” Derek adds. Crosier Kilgour has also forged solid and lasting relationships with other industry stakeholders, including architects, suppliers, and builders. Derek notes that, “We do get a lot of feedback from contractors that they enjoy working with us. Something that I try to instill in younger engineers is that ‘the people who are building the building deserve your respect; they deserve to be listened to.’” “Oftentimes builders will come back to us with valuable information and other ways of doing things, and we shouldn’t THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE CANADA

Wishing our CKP Colleagues Continued Success! be closed to that,” he continues. “There may be times when we disagree, but the fact that we’re willing to listen and we’re willing to work with them, I think that goes a long way.” “We all have a common goal,” Haney adds. “Us, our client, the design team, the builder – we all want to come out on the other side with a successful project. That’s how we view it. We believe that perspective helps us build strong relationships all around.” Moving forward, Crosier Kilgour’s goal is to continue building strong relationships with industry partners. The strength of those relationships, Derek says, is more important than growth – as they have been growing “quite consistently since the late 90s,” and they are not necessarily looking to get much bigger. “We’ve been adding people every year,” Derek says. “It’s been a very organic growth – until the addition of IDI, which was the first time we’ve ever acquired another firm. And we didn’t do that as part of an intentional plan to spur growth. It was done because of the fit between our firm and the services that IDI offered.” “We’ve said a number of times ‘I don’t see how we can get any bigger.’ I think I would still say that. The focus at this point, in the near future, is to continue to improve the quality of work that we’re doing.” Crosier Kilgour already has experience working nationally. Mostoftheirworknaturallytakes place in their home province of Manitoba, but they have also done a lot in Saskatchewan and northwestern Ontario – and for their national clients, they JUNE 2023


When you need it right, the first time. Fillmore Riley LLP Lawyers and Trademark Agents 18477-FR-CROSIER KILGOUR Advert Placement-The Construction Source Canada ad[90mmX65mm]-May2023-FNL.indd 1 2023-05-19 10:29 AM have ventured as far west as Vancouver Island, as far east as Newfoundland, and as far north as Alert, Nunavut. In the future, the firm is interested in continuing to expand their reach, as long as the projects are interesting, challenging, and ideally environmentally sustainable – and with IDI in the fold, Crosier Kilgour have the capabilities to help their buildings achieve a high standard of energy performance. JUNE 2023

THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE CANADA For more on Crosier Kilgour & Partners Ltd., more on Integrated Designs Inc., and more on their combined expertise, capabilities, and past projects, visit

Building a healthier future

CDH Carpentry is an industry-leading home building company based in Haliburton County, Ontario, with a focus on creating a healthier future through energy efficient homes. Chris Dobbins, the company’s founder and owner, has worked in the local homebuilding sector for well over two decades. In that time, he has built a reputation in the region based on the quality of his work, his honest customer service, and his passion for high performance building. Today, with the support of his partner, Eleanor – who drives the business administration – and his team of dedicated employees and subcontractors – all experts in their field – Chris strives to deliver homes that are comfortable, stylish, and that perform to their optimum on all levels.

“We want to build our clients the best, most beautiful home possible,” Chris says. “We also want to construct buildings in a responsible manner that takes on board the trifecta of maximum energy efficiency, true lifetime durability and real environmental awareness. To do this, we have embarked upon a journey that promotes high performance construction and a promise to always seek the absolute best solution.” Chris moved with his family to Haliburton County when he was nine years old, and he has been immersed in construction ever since he was a child, when he first watched his father build a house. He’s personally been in the construction industry for over 25 years, having trained under the mentorship of a local carpenter before branching out on his own and establishing CDH Carpentry in 2011. In the early days, CDH built decks and small renovations, but Chris’ passion and drive quickly propelled the company into larger projects. These days, they focus on high performance buildings, and they strive to build to passive house standards when possible. Most of their projects are residential, though they once built a 22,000-square-foot commercial production facility to passive house standards – that was actually their introduction to passive house building, and Eleanor says “it changed the way we look at building.” “When you build to passive house standards, you are building for lifetime durability,” she explains. “Passive homes are much more comfortable year-round and the reduction in allergens makes them a healthier option.” JUNE 2023


Recently, Chris and Eleanor designed and built their own personal home to passive house standards. They can personally testify to the quality, comfort, and efficiency: “It’s just so comfortable,” Eleanor says. “The air is fresh and clean. After just one night of sleeping in the house I noticed an improvement in my allergies.” “And it’s cheap to run,” Chris adds. “It stays warm in the winter and cool in the summer without the use of fossil fuels. If you start with efficiency first, you can reduce the need to rely on oil and gas.” Again, the company’s goal is to build to passive standards as much as possible, but they understand that sometimes it’s not possible within the client’s budget. All projects, however, at least have high performance elements, such as triple glaze windows and extra insulation – “otherwise, we’re not involved,” Chris says. Within their high performance niche, Chris believes clients choose CDH Carpentry “because we care.” “I think our clients can tell that we’re passionate and that we care,” he says. “I think they can tell that as the owner, I care a lot, and when our guys get on site, I think they can tell that they care too. I think that makes them feel comfortable. They feel like they’re in good hands and they’re going to get a good product.” Chris is also personally involved in all the company’s projects, to the point where he spends most of his time not just on, but on the tools. Eleanor believes that clients also respect that kind of personal commitment: JUNE 2023

“He’s on site. He has a hammer. He’s got his belt on. The clients see that and that gives them a lot of confidence.” That confidence has consistently translated into repeat business and word of mouth. Chris says that’s how the company has generated literally all of their work: “We’ve never advertised,” he says. “We’ve never needed to. We’ve built our business based off one person telling the next person.” Chris further credits that kind of customer loyalty to the company’s ability to complete jobs on schedule. “If we say we’re going to be there, we’ll be there,” he explains. “If we say we’re going to do something, we’ll get it done. That’s very important to us. That’s probably something that sets me apart from a lot of people. If I say I’m coming, then I’m coming.” The key to providing that kind of reliability, Chris explains, starts with being honest and transparent with clients to begin with: “You have to be truthful and you have to give people realistic timelines,” he says. “That’s the key. If things go south for whatever reason, you have to be honest and truthful about that as well. Keeping communication going at all times is so important.” Being reliable is also about choosing the right subcontractors, Eleanor adds: “We partner with subtrades who also stick to timelines and show up when they say they’re going to show up,” she says. “We align ourselves with other companies who are dedicated to meeting their clients’ expectations.” THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE CANADA

An example is BASK Insulation – they are a Muskoka-based full service insulation contractor that specializes in spray foam, blown-in insulation, and fireproofing for both residential and commercial projects. Much like CDH, they are a familyowned business committed to building strong relationships with clients by providing the highest quality standards in their industry. Also like CDH, they are dedicated to providing energy efficient solutions – and to providing them safely, cleanly, and on time. According to Eleanor, once CDH identifies a partner with those kinds of qualities, they tend to hold on to them. She says most of their relationships with subcontractors and suppliers go back many years. She says the company’s direct employees are similarly longstanding. “Chris has created such a wonderful culture here,” she says. “Everyone works so well together.” JUNE 2023


Quality comes first As previously mentioned, Chris and Eleanor recently completed their own personal residence, which they designed and built to passive house standards. From the start of the process, achieving those standards was a goal they always had in mind. “We always knew we wanted a passive house,” Chris says. “That was our first priority.” “Next was designing a home that we could age in place in,” Eleanor adds. “Creating a forever home was high on our list. With that in mind, we designed the home to be accessible and we carefully chose materials that will be durable throughout our lifetime.” The finished product includes additional glazing on the south side to help with heating, beautiful views from all directions, polished concrete floors for ease of cleaning, and an energy recovery ventilator system (ERV) that exchanges the air in the home multiple times per day. It’s also very air JUNE 2023