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which were conceived to fill that gap in the market. All of them began with the purchase of single-family properties in coveted downtown locations, after which Anxin worked with the local district or municipality to rezone. In all cases, they managed to increase the density by at least 35 per cent. Aegean Homes is one of those projects. Another is a big project in Cloverdale, Surrey, where they are working on three apartment buildings. Between the three buildings, they are providing 144 units meant for sale and 52 units meant for long-term rental. “Those are for retirees, small families, and workers in the neighborhood,” Kelvin explains. “So far, the feedback we’ve gotten from those demographics has been amazing.” Anxin Projects is also about to start construction at 207 Street in Langley. There, they will be delivering 68 condo units. Originally, that site had only been approved for 44 units, but Anxin’s design concept swayed local authorities and they were allowed to add that density. “We’ve had strong support from a lot of people on that one,” Kelvin says. “The community is pretty happy with what we’re doing there. For that reason, we already feel pretty successful.” In general, Anxin Projects aims to form strong relationships with all the communities they work in. Their goal is to always deliver projects that their communities need. The company also strives to build strong relationships with theirotherproject stakeholders, including their architects and builders. On Aegean Homes, THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE CANADA