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for example, they are working with AKA Architects. On another downtown Squamish project, they are working with Station One Architects. “We’ve had a very, very good experience with those firms,” Kelvin says. “We love that they have paid attention to all the little details, and we love how organized they are. They’ve totally met our expectations. That’s what we look for in our partners. Those are the kind of designers we want to work with in the future.” Anxin Projects looks for similar qualities in their builders, Kelvin adds. They also look for experience in low-rise and midrise building. “We prefer companies with a longer history,” he says. “We’re a relatively new company to the Lower Mainland, so we rely on the experience of our building partners. They help us avoid the mistakes that new companies tend to make.” Anxin also looks for “good communicators” and “problemsolvers.” If a builder can tick all those boxes, Kelvin says, Anxin would be honoured to work with them over-and-over again. Lastly, Anxin Projects strives to form strong and lasting relationships with their buyers. They do that by providing the “best customer service possible,” according to Kelvin. “Again, we’re a relatively new company to the industry, so our reputation is very important to us,” he says. “We know that it takes a lot to build a good reputation, we’re putting in the time and effort to do that.” To ensure their buyers have a good experience, Anxin Projects has put together FEBRUARY 2022