The Construction Source

Meeting a need Anxin Projects was officially established about six years ago. From the start, the vision for the company was to focus on low-to-mid-rise apartments and condos, and to provide the market with more affordable housing options. They decided to pursue that niche because they saw there was a need: “Over the past few years, the economy hasn’t been stable, and inflation has been going up,” Kelvin says. “We’re seeing that housing isn’t affordable for young families, especially young couples, and families with single moms or single dads. We wanted to address that need.” “We didn’t want to focus on luxury condominiums and highrises,” he adds. “We believe that market has been covered. We wanted to provide something for working families and lowincome families. We wanted to provide them with more living options in the Lower Mainland.” Currently, Anxin Projects has four projects on the go – all of FEBRUARY 2022