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Experience and expertise Over the years, Greystone Project Management has built up a “pretty significant” team of in-house carpenters, carpenters assistants, other labourers, project managers, and project coordinators. Jon further credits the company’s quality to the strength of that in-house team: “Putting together a quality build starts with the design, but it’s also important to make the right decisions in the field,” he says. “Our team in the field is amazing.” “Oftentimes, our team goes beyond what code recommends for waterproofing, for sealing windows, for all these critical components that can be problematic later. They know that if they spend just a little extra time early in the job to properly deal with things like water, moisture, and drainage, they can prevent a lot of problems down the line. Regardless of what the plans say, or what the code might say, they make sure those things are dealt with. They have the FEBRUARY 2023