The Construction Source

“It was great to hear. That’s the kind of feedback we love to get. That’s what we aim for,” Jon says. Greystone also stands behind their work. If there’s ever an issue with a past project, the company doesn’t hestitate to rectify it. “I’m not going to sit here and say there is never going to be a warranty issue,” Jon says. “This is construction. Things happen. But when they happen, we want those warranty issues to be minor in nature, and we want to deal with them properly. I think that means a lot to our clients.” “The industry standard is a one-year warranty – some components, of course, carry longer warranties, but the industry standard is one-year. But if we have a client that calls five years later because something is not performing as expected, then we’ll go to them and help them figure it out. We truly stand behind our projects.” THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE CANADA