The Construction Source

THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE CANADA Jeff says repeat business and word-of-mouth is how the company has survived and grown. He recalls when they first started out, they were doing decks and basement renovations – but within a year, “people noticed our quality and our passion and how much we cared,” he says. “We quickly formed connections with our clients and grew,” he says. “People appreciated what we were doing and what we were about. A lot of clients came because of that – they liked the impact we were making in the community, and they wanted to be a part of it.” Of course, Jeff also believes that customers appreciated the company’s quality of work. He says they are now known for their consistency and their high standards, and he partly credits that reputation to the systems they have put in place. For example, they use CoConstruct project management software to track their projects and keep clients up-to-date. “We share daily logs, we share daily pictures, and we share all the financials – and the financials are updated almost daily,” Jeff says. “So the client is very much a part of the entire process.” Jeff also credits the quality control to his team of supervisors – “All guys who align well with the overall vision for the company,” he says. “We don’t just hire anyone. We wait for right fit. They have to have the same passion and the same goals.” The same goes for the company’s roster of suppliers and subcontractors, almost all of whom are locally-based and longstanding.