The Construction Source

FEBRUARY 2022 Second, the company was created with the goal of being “good stewards to the Earth” by building to the most energyefficient standards. Third, Jeff and Natalie wanted to do their part in “solving the affordable housing crisis.” To do that, they immediately sought other like-minded organizations, such as Indwell and the Working Centre – organizations that also believe in the valuable task of creating affordable housing communities in order to help and support people seeking health, wellness, and belonging. The company’s fourth main goal, lastly, has always been to “build people up by focusing on creating wellness, health, and sharing our faith.” Today, in order to achieve those founding goals, Just Working offers a variety of construction management services in both the residential and commercial sectors. In both sectors, they like to focus on “building healthy, hopeful places.” On the residential side, that includes affordable housing projects, passive homes, netzero homes, and generational homes. Most of those projects are based locally, in the Region of Waterloo, so as to best support their community and their local roster of trades. In terms of value, Just Working’s projects can range from$20,000 to $20 million. According to Jeff, the company enjoys working at both extremes: “I love the small projects because of all the amazing people I get to meet along the way,” he says, “and I love the big projects because that’s what I was trained in, and because they can have the greatest impact on our community.” No matter the size or scope of the project, Jeff believes clients choose Just Working Construction for similar reasons. One of the main reasons is their aforementioned values – customers who share those values tend to seek them out, work with them on a repeat basis, and refer their friends and family.