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rezoning and site plan approval processes by early 2022, and to bring the first phase of the project to the market later in the year. Again, Dan credits the smooth development so far to the contribution of consultants such as HPA, and that of approximately 20 other experts of different fields. He reiterates that 3Bridges’ operational strategy is to “work with the greatest,” and provides the advice that “the key to success is not to know everything yourself, but to partner with those that have the requisite experience and expertise.” In this case, another such expert consultant is NPG Planning Solutions, a Niagara-based planning and development firm focused on designing vibrant and forward-thinking communities. NPG is a fullservice firm that offers an extensive scope of integrated services, and they have a comprehensive understanding of both the internal dynamics of development companies like 3Bridges, and of the municipalities they work in. This understanding is crucial in communicating ideas that lead to successful project outcomes. “The success of 3Bridges is not just ours,” Dan states. “Our success is also the success of the people we collaborate with.” THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE CANADA