The Construction Source

hotels here are fully booked and there is a huge demand for more.” 3Bridges also included residential units in the project planbecause therearecurrently even less of these. According to Dan, this would be the only residential building with direct views of the grand waterfalls, that people from anywhere in the world can privately own. “There’s actually a very big demand for condos,” he says. “In addition to students and local retirees, many professionals work in the area – for example, at the local universities, or in the hospital, or in the City Hall, or in the neighboring hotels. The corporate shift to remote work also means that more people are leaving the big cities in search of homes with beautiful views. The Great Falls has brilliant vistas and is in a convenient location, making it a very ideal place to live.” Currently, The Great Falls is still in the design and rezoning stage. Prior to choosing their architect, 3Bridges conducted a global search for a firm that not only understood their vision, but also possessed the skills to see it through from paper to reality. They ultimately chose Hariri Pontarini Architects (HPA), a Toronto-based firm with experience in designing mixed-use developments, as well as experience in restoring churches and historical buildings. HPA’s history dates back to 1994 and they have a large portfolio of successful projects, which 3Bridges values immensely. Late last year, theCity of Niagara Falls held an open house for The Great Falls, which Dan describes as going “very well.” 3Bridges hopes to conclude the FEBRUARY 2022