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While being a feather in the company’s cap, working on this latest and largest project has also helped Ridgepoint improve, Ken says: “Being the biggest project that we have done for a single family to date, we have learned a lot of things there and we’ve been able to take what we’ve learned and improve upon our own processes.” “When it comes to client expectations and keeping client relations up there, we try to do our best with making sure that we’re achieving what they want and that making sure we’re on top of our game in delivering a product that we’re happy with.” “Going through this project has opened up our eyes and made us change up a few things in what we do and how we do it, our procedures and checklists have become more detailed and increasing the amount of communication that we have with clients to make sure things continue to go off without a hitch.” Looking toward the future, Ken says he would love to put that hard-earned knowledge to use on other large projects. At the same time, he also wants to keep delivering smaller homes, homes that are attainable to more people. In order to build both, he says the company will need to continue growing: “I would say right now, even though things seem to be embroiled in economic uncertainty, we still foresee a lot of growth happening here in the next five years. We still anticipate hiring some more staff,” he explains. “I see us continuing to build custom homes and continuing to build up our company to handle more work.” “I think we also want to make sure that we are focusing a little bit here on the spec market as well. Like I mentioned before, things started off for us a lot more spec and turned out more custom to where we are right now. I think we excel in both areas – but we also understand the affordability side of things. These days affordability is a huge topic.” “We get a lot of enjoyment doing custom homes, but I think making sure we can reach a broader targeted audience is also important as well,” he includes. “We want to keep affordability in mind.” FEBRUARY 2023