The Construction Source

average selling price of a home in Huntsville. Those are qualities Greystone aims to replicate in their future projects. “With Greystone, buyers should have confidence that the building’s going to be completed, that it’s going to be well built, and that condo fees are going to be reasonable because there’s not going to be a lot of maintenance,” Jon says. “We’re not looking for the cheapest way to build a building,” he says in summation. “We’re looking for the most practical way to get a building built in a reasonable time frame at the highest possible quality.” Moving forward, Greystone’s goal is to continue delivering that quality – both in their own developments, as well as in for their work for clients. “We want to stay diverse,” Jon concludes. “We love taking on different challenges and doing different kinds of projects. Working for clients also allows us to contribute to the community in different ways than we can as a developer. If we can deliver a facility that works well and that serves the community well for decades to come – then that’s something we can be proud of.” FEBRUARY 2023