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Then there’s the company’s focus on affordability – that’s another important differentiator, Ryan adds. He says they are trying “to lower the barrier of entry for first time home buyers.” They did that particularly successfully with Five Crossings, where most of the buyers were 20-to-34 years old. Finally, Millennial Developments’ embrace of technology sets them apart. For example, they partnered with a number of different technology providers to create what they consider to be “the first truly smart community of its kind in Western Canada,” which is Five Crossings. That’s why the subtitle of that project is “Smart Suites at Landmark.” “The reason we call them smart suites is because of the technology that we’ve integrated into the development,” Ryan says. “An example of that is we have an intercom system that uses facial recognition to allow touchless entry into the building. Another example is our garage doors – they all feature automated RFID readers, which again allows for touchless entry.” There’s also the intercom system, which has a lot of innovative and modern functions. For example, it enables residents to text smart keys to your guests with time limits that they can use to scan into the building. It will also scan parcels from major delivery companies, ensuring both security and convenience. “So, a delivery driver can come up to the building and scan the parcel – and the system will FEBRUARY 2023