The Construction Source

“We work with our clientele through every step of their custom projects,” says David Riendeau, co-owner, “and we expect nothing less than to deliver an incredible space they can be happy with and we can be proud of.” “Clients can rely on our expertise for all your engineering, plan drafting, project management, renovation and construction needs. We can handle any project, from kitchen and bathroom renovations to home additions and office construction. Our goal every time is to turn our client’s dreams into realities.” The company was officially formed in 2009 by his two brothers while Scott was doing his MBA at McGill and Shawn was finishing business school at John Molson, where they ran and sold a company before starting full time construction. David joined Scott and Shawn soon after – thus the company name, D2S Construction. David personally has a background in sales and finance, while his brothers have backgrounds in engineering and contracting. Initially, David and his brothers worked other jobs while operating D2S as a smaller building company on the side. Due to word of mouth, however, the company grew quickly and the brothers realized that they had something worth investing in. “People were constantly asking us ‘Do you guys do this? Do you guys do that?’ There was a lot of interest,” David recalls. “At a certain point, we realized that we couldn’t grow this thing properly if we all had other jobs. So about 10 years ago we all quit our other jobs and we started going full throttle.” FEBRUARY 2023