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“We took the time to design it, to draw everything up, to schedule it, and then we pulled the trigger,” he explains. “It’s all about the preparation. We made sure everything was 100 per cent organized before we moved forward.” “A lot of people will make the mistake of starting a project and intend to wing it as they go,” he adds. “That winging it means the home’s going to take eight months, or 10 months, or 12 months, or more.” Jeff’s goal in designing and building that house was not just to deliver it quickly and efficiently, however – though that ability was something they definitely wanted to prove. He also wanted to create a home with “a lot of character,” like he was used to seeing in his early career, but hadn’t seen too much in Alberta. “Where I came from, homes have a lot of style and character. There are high steeped roofs, there is lot of brick, a lot of concrete, a lot of wood,” Jeff says. “In Alberta, it’s carpet and vinyl and go-go-go. Maybe that’s not the case with really big custom homes, but in the regular market that’s what you see a lot.” Jeff didn’t just want to build a home from a difference province in Alberta, however. He wanted to draw on his experience in both provinces and create something that combined the best of both worlds. “With this show home, I wanted to show that I had different ideas. I’ve seen different things. I wanted to prove I could create a good blend using everything I learned back east and what I learned here. I wanted to take THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE CANADA