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And not only does Ross Contracting build quality homes in record time, they also build quality relationships with their customers along the way – “relationships rooted in honesty, integrity, and in ensuring every project is completed on time and on budget,” according to Jeff Ross, founder and owner of the company. Jeff has personally been in the construction industry since he was 16 years old. Over the course of his 25-year-plus career, he’s earned experience in a number of different roles, and he’s been involved in a very long list of successful renovations, residential builds, and commercial builds. In his native province, Jeff had his own renovation company and a well-established reputation for quality and customer service. After arriving in Alberta, he had to start from scratch. Despite the challenges, he recalls it being “a super great experience.” “I started again right from the bottom,” he remembers. “I started as a sub trade. I learned the building code. I loved what I was doing.” About a year-and-half in, Jeff and his wife sold their remaining property in their previous province and used the proceeds to build their own custom home in Red Deer – “a beautiful twostorey walkout,” Jeff describes. The initial goal was to turn that home around quickly, but as soon they finished the oil crash happened, the market suffered, “and I wasn’t willing to just give my house away,” Jeff says. So he pivoted back to doing renovations, and he quickly built up another strong local reputation that persists to this day. FEBRUARY 2023